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All out alternative treatment anyone

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I would like to get in touch with anyone with L Cancer who has gone full on with alternative treatments: Diet, plus the number of possible supplements, B17, Turmeric, Silymarin, Colloidal Silver, Graviola, Anti-Oxidants, alkaline diet, anti-angiogenesis diet etc etc

Has anyone here used (is using) any of these and does it imporve quality of life ?

Any feedback very welcome.


PM's welcome via CSN Mail or email craigamail@gmail.com

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Hi, I have been reading this board for months and have not posted until now. I am glad to see diet and alternative treatments being addressed. My husband was diagnosed with non-resectable HCC a week after his 60th birthday. The surgeon thought perhaps they could resect it but due to the location of the tumor they were unable to. It was 7cm at the time of his surgery. Immediately after receiving the diagnosis, with the help of family and some knowledgable friends, we had a massive overhaul of his diet / our diet.

We have been on this diet since mid August and his first two CT scans showed that the tumor had shrunk to 4.8 cm. So, after 5 months of dodging the chemo bullet, in January his oncologist thought that there were some changes in the CT scan and she wanted him to seriously consider conventional treatments. Late Jan. he was accepted into a Nexavar /Avastin clincal trial and has now been doing that for almost 2 months. He is doing pretty well with it all - has a few side effects but nothing totally debilitating. Fatigue seems to be the worst thing but it comes and goes.

We are still doing the diet and all of the rest along with the Nexavar and Avastin. He has also been having acupuncture a few days after his Avastin treatments and is and has been religious about getting some exercise every day - which has been hard with the winter in the midwest.

His diet / regime is as follows:
~No red meat or pork, and very, very little poultry - we have had it 3 times since Labor Day - and it was organic white meat when we did eat it. We have been told that meat is an aggressor with cancer - so no meat.
~Very, very, little dairy - and organic only. We use unsweetened Almond milk, Rice Milk and some Soy Milk - Make sure any soy products are Non GMO - Non Genetically Modified Organisms

~NO SUGAR!! Sugar has been identified as a source of fuel for cancer cells. I have been told that is why they use glucose when they are doing PET Scans. All sweeteners should be used sparingly and the best sweeteners are - Organic Raw Agave ( our favorite), Maple Syrup, Honey, and Stevia . NO Splenda or artificial sweeteners.

We get our protein from legumes, grains ( brown rice, barley, millet, quinoa( a great grain), Non GMO tofu and wild caught salmon, albacore tuna, and other high Omega 3 Seafood, along with his Whey protein shakes. When buying fish - we avoid farmed, want wild caught. Eggs- egg whites are best but when using whole egg, use free range, organic fed -higher in omega 3

Green tea - minimum of 3 times a day, and Pomegranate juice or unsweetened Cranberry juice mixed with water- 3 x daily. We buy the Pomegranate concentrate with Resveratrol from Costco - 1 bottle has 32 servings.

Protein shakes with whey protein and Xymogen I5 powder, w/ 1/2 a banana and blueberries in mid morning and mid afternoon - important to keep weight and energy up.

Also, Miso soup. Miso soup has ben shown to be a very healthy choice and is a big part of the Macrobiotic diet to fight cancer. We have it quite frequently. We like the Red Miso and the Sweet White Miso and have it with some tofu and Wakame which is a dried seaweed.

We have learned that it is important to try to stay as organic and " clean " as we can with all of the fruits and vegetables. Costco sells organic carrots, baby spinach and a few other things. We also get our frozen blueberries there. If you cannot find organic- grown in the USA is the next best thing because our agriculture is supposedly more regulated pesticide use may be less than in other countries. I always wash all fresh produce well anyway.

I know this is a time consuming and somewhat expensive way to go but we have prepared many excellent meals, after a while you get the hang of it and it gets easier....

Here is a web site that has some good info - http://helpguide.org/life/healthy_diet_cancer_prevention.htm

He also takes a lot of vitamins, herbs and supplements

The Supplements- The are from Xymogen Professional Formulas -
Active Essentials with calcium 2x daily ( vitamins)
Vitamin D3 - liquid 1x
Oncomar caps - 1x ( fermented wheat germ)
NRF 2 Activator 1x ( broccoli seed extract)
ProBio Max - Probiotics 1x
i5- Powder for shakes 2x
DGX - digestive enzymes after dinner

Also; Not from Xymogen - health food store
1000mg. Vit C
Silymarin - (Milk Thistle) 2x
Ginger 2x daily
Tumeric 2x
Reishi Mushroom Supreme ( good for liver and high in antioxidants)
Epicor - to boost immune system 1 - 2 X daily https://www.4greathealth.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=EC90

Good Books that we have read;
Life over Cancer - Dr. Keith Block
The Cancer Fighting Kitchen - Rebecca Katz
Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel
Getting Well Again by O.Carl Simonton

Sorry this is so long, and this is not a totally alternative treatment but hopefully you or someone else will find this of interest.

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Well what pleasure to read you post and hear of the good results you have for your family.

This information will be a huge boost to my friend who has a similar diagnosis to your husband's.

I urge you to start posting more and letting people know the benefits you have gained from using diet etc as a concurrent plan to fight off disease. The medical profession is going to have to sit up take note, as 100's of these testimonials which are canned as 'anecdotalevidence', exist and in themselves prove there is something this 'Diet' thing.

Good on you and I look FWD to see your AEI on this and other boards here on CSN.

Thanks again. Don't be shy now !


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