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hi ro,

just returned from my second chemo--10 more to go; this is what they put in my hydration bag this time: bag 150 ml with saline, 4 mg ativan, 4 mg decadron, 50 mg benadryl. seems to do the trick. no chemo now for almost two weeks. i was so hoping to be able to go back to work after the 3rd week, but now i'm not so sure. just so tired. didn't need neupogen shot like last time, so that's good. my port didn't work this time, that is, didn't draw blood, tho chemo could go in, so had labs done old fashioned way. it's a nuisance when things don't go rightl but i'm sure next time it will work.

feeling ok, not great. will have bag removed monday, which is when i usually start to feel worse. never can tell, though, with new chemos, etc.

hope things are continuing to go well. didn't take my ca 125 this time, probably because port not working properly, or they're just not looking at it so soon. who knows? forgot to ask.


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Was looking for your update and am hoping this session goes well once they continue your "fanny pack" infusion. That sounds like quite a cocktail. Am sure you would prefer a nice glass of wine!!

You remain in my thoughts and continue to send you positive energy as you go through the next 10 treatments. They will be over before you know it and then you can really celebrate!!

Am sorry to hear that you are having port problems...glad it worked for your chemo as that stuff is hard on your veins!!

Hang in there....I am cheering you onward!!

Big hugs! Karen

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Posts: 616
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i always appreciate your posts to me, they're so sweet, and hit just the right not. yes, would prefer a nice glass of wine, but one makes do with what has. thank you for your positive energy and thoughts, karen, i do really feel you behind me.

hope all is well with you.
sisterhood and hugs,

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Hoping you start to feel better. What a bummer when your port doesn't work right! Hang in there, kid. YOu can do it. I know that tiredness can hit you like a brick wall! Think positive about having the bag removed using the new chemos.

Praying for you to feel good during your treatments.


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