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110.7 Yippee skippy. :)

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Well I had my check up with my RO. I was shocked when I stepped on the scale. I definitely did not have to wear 6 layers of clothing, boots, and have a pocket full of pennies this time when I stepped on the scale. Dress and heels. 110.7 Much better than 87 pounds. :D He gave me the old scope-a-rooni. Looked and felt around my mouth neck and everything looked good. Except my mouth is 'extra dry'. (no kidding). As some of you know I am on the Pet-free plan. So, he ordered another chest X-ray and a thyroid check since I am still exhausted all the time.

He was very pleased and proud of me for how far I have come. Mee tooo! Next appointment in six months. They are getting farther and farther out.

I am sure my X-ray and blood test will be normal. It was so nice to be out and about in the sunshine today. I was early so I went to dunkin donuts and had a cheese egg and croissant sandwich and a cup of toasted almond cappuccino. Got half down before I ran out of time. :) Feels nice to be doing 'normal' things. Had to sit here in the parking lot, face up to the sunshine and give a prayer of thanksgiving. :)

For those who feel like there is no end in sight, there is. Sometimes it just takes som of us a little longer to get to our new normal. Thinking of all my friends here today and wishing you all many blessings.


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I'm so happy for you! Enjoy the day.

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My doc prefers not to PET scan if possible. BTW, ask about Evoxac for your dry mouth...it's a Rx drug and it is helping me a fair amount.

Best regards,

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I tried the pills for a month. They didn't give me any extra saliva, but they made me sweat when I ate, and the backs of my hands sweat. Weird. I forget if that was on the list if side effects or not.

I know the pills work for some people. I am happy you are having good results. I am missing my left gland entirely, so there was only the fried right one to get anything out of. :)

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Hey, Sweet. I am very happy for you. It is always good news to hear of someone doing well after going through very tough times. Live long and prosper.


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Glenna M
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110.7 Woo Hoo!!! You've come a long way baby and I know you will continue to improve.

It really was a sunny and beautiful day so I spent the day out in the sun also and now your news makes it even sunnier!!!

Stay well Sweet,

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We are doing the happy dance with you. How thrilling to hear your wonderful news and reactions. Way to go Yippee Skippy.

Hey, i know your always cooking something up. Seems like for me that blue berries do something for me and help with the feeling of mouth and tongue. Can't say it is not dry but it sure feels much nicer.

Keep the great news coming, along with all your wonderful support and information.

Dance, Dance, Dance do the Happy Dance!


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You know, I had blue berries in my hand today, and I put them back because I keep trying them, and they don't work for me. They seem to be too tart or something, and then the seeds hurt my tongue, and get stuck in the stricture. I even tried them in a smoothie with no luck. Maybe I will give them a go again next month. Who knows, might work next time.

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try in pancakes or oatmeal when they are warm. I can not eat alone either but some in something warm is a big difference.

do not put too many either, you are right tart does not work

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It will have to be oatmeal. Pancakes are still a little hard to eat for me. I have to drown them in butter and syrup and I'm not really crazy about syrup. I can tolerate warm things better now. That really was a problem for me when I was trying to get back to eating. I was always eating everything scalding hot. Had to be piping hot food or I didn't like it. No way I can do that anymore. I am lucky if I can do it luke warm. I found cold food very unappetizing. Getting used to it now n

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Hey sweets, great news. I am jealous of you being able to eat that breakfast sandwich. I amnot quite there yet.

Enjoy the good news and have a great weekend.


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That is such good and happy news to hear!

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


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Hi Sweet, glad to hear your weight is up, over twenty pounds from your least. More glad to hear you are eating more (I know they are somehow related). Like you, my taste is still lagging, but to enjoy eating something again, that's the bomb. You deserve every pound.

best, Hal

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Way to go, good thing I read your post almost thought you were advertising a radio station LOL
Wishes & Prayers

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Sweetblood, I am so pleased to hear your good news and I know how hard you have worked at it all. But, during all this you found the time to help others and always share a kind word. you truely are a special Lady and deserve the best. Happy dance for you. rose

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So great to read this Sweet. Enjoy.

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It has been a blessing to see your progress!
Hugs and more hugs

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Good one Sweets. Glad to hear you are gaining both some weight and some life back. Alway good to hear. It's been waaaaay too long.


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I am so happy you had a wonderfull day all around! Congratulation's on your great checkup, gaining weight & enjoying life. It doesn't get any better than that!
God Bless

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This news just made my day. I am so happy for you. You have been so helpful to all of us here on this board and it is so nice to hear you are doing so well! Have a great weekend!


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That's awsome! Way to go!!


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Congrats on the good news!

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Be careful there Sweet, you might have to go on a diet soon if you keep that up!!!! Great news for you and everyone to hear. Congrats. Cheers


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Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

I don't know about having to go on a diet, Jimbo, but my eat free-for-all has stopped. I cut back on my milk with some almond milk, and the milk I do drink is now super skim. Stopped putting extra pats of butter on everything. I am not eating ice cream every single night. I have always eaten what ever I have wanted, just not huge quantities of anything.

Dr Yuman said I looked about perfect but if I gained any more that would be fine too. He said he didn't want me losing any. My weight when I went in to radiation two years ago, was 127. I was 120 - 125 normally. I remember he was trying to get me to gain weight before I strarted rads.

Thanks again for all the well wishes. I really appreciate all the support that I have been given here. Today, I just felt especially grateful for the friends I've met here.

Kent Cass
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Was away yesterday, and I come back for this? YES! Great to hear, girl.


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Congratulations Sweetblood, We are happy to here of the weight gain and just your getting back to normal. You have really helped Connie & I and it's really nice to hear things are good. I wanted to let you know Connie has finished all of her radiation treatments and although she still has a ways to go she has finished all her treatments. She is now in recovery stage and I am so proud of her. I think people that have had cancer and gone through the treatments really appreciate the little things in LIFE!! KEEP IT UP!! Love Ya, Homer & Connie

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Wow, that is wonderful news especially along with the weight gain. Karen

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Ingrid K
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Sweet: I am new to this forum (and this disease), but I have gone back and read lots of older posts and I have learned a lot from you and the others. Now I know more of what to expect, what questions to ask and things to be prepared for before I need them. The knowledge I have gotten from all of you kind folks is precious...... so I wish you continued improvement and happy spring. Many hugs coming your way.
Ingrid K.

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I am so happy to read this. You are amazing. I really think you need to go buy some new shoes for the spring to celebrate.


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Way to pack on the pounds. The moment in the sunshine sounds nice and made me smile thinking of you outside Dunkin Donuts.


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Way to go Sweets,

I am so happy that you are at a healthier weight. And finding it easier to eat certain foods. You have been through so much and a great role model for me as a newbie. I am still on the weight loss spiral though not dangerously low like you were heading so it gives me hope that soon I will be back to eating normal.

Take care.


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Thank you for the latest well wishes. I appreciate them. My step brothers and their SO came up for a visit and I also saw some girls that used to work for me. They are all happy I am looking healthier and normal these days. I missed the family dinners. We all went to the Olive Garden today, 12 of us for my step grandfathers 80 birthday. :)

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That is sweet news Sweet!...

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mmmmm.............. Olive Garden..
we don't have one here (or anywhere near), how was it?

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Great news about the weight. That's quite a gain for us slow, picky eaters !!!

I hope every day gets better for you with the saliva. That's my big issue too and I can surely relate. I use Stoppers 4 Spray a lot and it give me some fluidity, especially at night.

Keep eating, smiling and praying. I think it's funny you were thankful in a Donut shop parking lot. Doesn't take much to make us survivors happy any more...ha...

your the best,

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Stacey, I did pretty good at the Olive Garden. I was kinda bad because I had a Chocolate Almond Amoré. It's a frozen drink with amaretto and other alcohol in it. It's a frozen yummy and creamy concoction. I always got one when I went, couldn't help it had to order one. Then I ordered the seafood portifino. I gave the muscles to my gram. I tried one and could eat some of the muscle, but I was afraid it was going to get stuck, and I didn't want a scene. I did ok with the shrimp and scallops, the pasta sauce was a little too salty for me, and a little burny with the pepper, but I did ok. I ate about a third of the pasta (the rest we gave to Tina's pig, Miss Eleanor Pigby) and I ate all the shrimp and scallops out of it. I seem to be doing better with shrimp these days. I even had a couple bites of bread stick. I had them fire my entrée with the appetizers. This way I could have more time to eat it. :)

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you are an inspiration for those that are in the thick of it right now. We have read about your stuggle and have benefited from many of your posts. I am so happy to hear you are doing well and are gaining weight.
I love that there may be donughts in our future!


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That's really good news and you know, I'm not surprised after reading some of your recipes. You've got some great recipes loaded with taste and calories.

Glenn's team finally told me to stop worrying about his weight. He lost 83lbs. to date but he had it to lose. He's still not underweight by any measure but just looks skinny to me.


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Robin and Ron, hang in there, I know this is tough, being in the thick of it. It sucks, and it's scary. I remember thinking I would never make it out of the misery I was in. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lisa now that I'm at baseline weight, I am backing off on some of the calories. It's hard, I never thought I would get used to butter, cream and EVOO. I have quite the little following on Facebook now with my food and people asking for recipes. They all say they want me to come cook for them, I keep saying highest bidder. Lol. Or I will room mate with some one who loves to clean, I will do all the cooking. :)

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