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eye side effects

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I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with their eyes after undergoing radiation to the face and surgery. My mother's left eye (which is the side where the cancer was) still waters quite a bit, and itches some 7 months after radiation and 9 months after surgery to sinuses. It doesn't hurt at all, just waters. She isn't having any vision problems. She had cancer in sinus and nasal cavity. I just wondered if anyone else suffers from this.

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I had both watery eyes for many many years and even know I have times that last months when they are extremely watery. Nobody knows why and does not hurt so we just keep going on. I look at it like I am dry in mouth so the moisture has to come out some where. :-)

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I don't know if this will help but I had surgury on my left parotid gland. And then radiation. My left eye watered constantly. Went to eye doc and what had happened was that my eye wasn't closing completely. So, the eye think it's dry and make up for that by over tearing. So, maybe your mom's eye is not closing totally. Also, later on I did get a blocked tear duct which acts the same way...overtearing.
You might want to get her into a ophthamologist to check it out. But meantime..a warm compress helps and some good eye drops...not visine but like refresh.
Hope, that helps some. And good luck to your mom. Rose

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