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Scan Results.Not Good

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Oh Boy..Here We GO Again..Today we went for our Ct results, the look on the doctors face when he walked in said it all..the cancer is back in his liver, we are both very upset as we thought that everything we did in December (Nanoknife and TACE) had positive results, how wrong we both were. WHat a mess we are in now. The oncologist was very blunt with the both of us, it was a very quiet 2 hour drive home. We got a call later in the day with a plan, they are going to start him next week on Panitumumab to try to slow the growth, they are also next week going to do a surgical procedure (not sure of the name) he described it as putting something into his liver to increase the liver volume and bloodflow, and then in about 2 weeks do another liver resection. I am just plain scared. so much so fast. I have so much running thru my head, I dont even know what to ask or what to say, I am without words. Thanks for being here for me.


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So sorry that the scan results weren't what you were hoping for. I hope the plans the drs have work wonders and that this whole thing turns around. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers.

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there has been a lot more in more dire straits and have come through smelling like a rose....never ever say never.....because we just never ever know do we ?......Love and Hope to you both..............Clift

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Praying things will go so much better than you're thinking at this point. I know this news has thrown you for a loop.


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I am sorry your husband's results weren't what you hoped for. Hopefully the new plan will be put in place + will be successful.

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I pray for the success of the new plan.

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Hi Patti,

I'm very sorry to hear that hubby had bad scan results- truly. I am waiting for my own scan results & should know tomorrow. I've been expecting good, but have a feeling that is not what I will get. Although my CEA had dropped some, I found out today that it has risen again & so I imagine that will be reflected on the scan results.

I know the scared feeling & am praying for peace for you and your husband to be able to go through this all without that panicked feeling. Hard, I know, but I do still have peace about whatever my scan results will be. I've placed my life in God's hands and I never feel blame towards Him ever. I certainly don't understand it all, but I will accept whatever it is, while still hoping and praying for good. Not trying to preach, but just sharing my feelings and coping methods. If you ever want to talk further or even pray, just let me know by a PM message.

We are all here for you- please ask, share, vent, whatever- anytime you need questions answered, support, or just a sounding board for your frustrations and worries.
Do take care-


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So sorry to hear you did not get the news you were hoping for. Dam* that up and down roller coaster we are all on. It sounds as though your husband's team of docs are really with it. It is great that they already have a plan.
I am thinking of both of you and saying a prayer.


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HAving just been through a similar knowck back we are in a similar place emotionally. The only thing we can hold onto is the knowledge it will pass in time and there remains hope. It is positive that the docs remain active and aggressive in their treatments which means they haven't given up hope so just try to do the same.

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