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Hair Question

Posts: 134
Joined: Dec 2010

Is the pelvic hair ever growing back?

mp327's picture
Posts: 4105
Joined: Jan 2010

Mine did.

z810840b's picture
Posts: 212
Joined: Jan 2010

HA..I think not...

z's picture
Posts: 1401
Joined: May 2009

Yes, Mine did.

Posts: 63
Joined: Feb 2010

Mine didn't. Just a few stragglers.

mbh97766's picture
Posts: 39
Joined: Nov 2010

Funny, I asked my radiologist that question just last week. He said that given the amount of radiation I've received and my age, it's doubtful that my hair will grow back, maybe just a few stragglers. He pointed out to me that I will save money on Brazillian waxes, and I had to point out to him that at my age, bikinis aren't on the menu. Takes some time getting used to, but definitely has advantages.

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Posts: 646
Joined: Apr 2009

i am 57 and at 19 months post tx. mine has come back but not as full but more than a few stragglers. sephie

Posts: 162
Joined: Jun 2009

Mine also came back!

Posts: 64
Joined: Sep 2010

Mine came back, but not even close to what it was before and it feels different. But I am ok with that, it doesn't really concern me since I am not married and no one has to look at it...LOL!

lil lady
Posts: 36
Joined: May 2009

all gone!!!

Donna M
Posts: 25
Joined: Jul 2010

um, nope, bald as a cue ball

Posts: 374
Joined: Jan 2011

No need for Brazilian waxes for me!

Posts: 1933
Joined: Oct 2009

Prior to colostomy i had chemo and radiation in pelvic area and did in fact lose all pubic as well as anal(between the cheeks)hair....Don't recall how soon after but eventually hair grew back ......At least for me.......

Posts: 300
Joined: May 2010

Mine was sparse to begin with for some reason after menopause and now I have a few new stragglers but that is about it.

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