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excessive drenching sweating several times a day

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my husband was diagnosed with sclc august 2011. undergone chemo and radiation.
2 tumors in right lung that shrunk a little and have remained stable for 3 months. except fluid took over 3/4 of that lung (pleural effussion) . Lung drained and catheter inserted,
For the last three weeks has profuse sweating on torso at least 5 times a day. the kind of sweating that seeps into the pillows/bedding
He runs a low grade temp -under 100 degrees- temp breaks, drenching sweats then temp falls to 96 0r 97. Dr. put him on indocin to help regulate temperatures. Only on this med three days.

I've heard this called tumor sweats and, it could mean tumors are dying and causing his body to fight the chemical decomposing.

Problem is, he's lost 10 pounds during this time. Trying to keep him hydrated. He's become very weak and seems to be laying down resting/sleeping most of day and night.

I'm thinking he's finally losing the battle, And, quickly.

Anyone out there with similar sweating problems. Where did it lead ?


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