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hair loss & radiation Does it grow back?-

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Anyone lose hair owing to radiation only?
and does it grow back ?

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Yes I did! However, my radiation team showed me the exact location on my head & they checked where the rads would hit. All my hair loss took place at the nape of my neck. Mine is growing back nicely now! Same texture & thickness as before!

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I was told that the hair on the back of my neck would not grow back but it did that was a big surprise to all of us. Now the hair on the face is a different story it never did grow back.

All the best to you and the wife my friend

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Glenna M
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Like rozaroo, I only lost the hair at the nape of my neck but it has never grown back and I doubt that it will since I am 19 months post radiation. It doesn't show so it isn't something I worry about.

It seems to vary from person to person, I have seen this subject discussed before and there were many who had their hair regrow and many of us who didn't.

Stay well,

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Must be one of those Abi-Normal Traits, LOL....same with me (hairless nape)....LOL.

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I was told I would never have to shave again due to the radiation. Now I don't shave for a couple of weeks before seeing the Radiation Oncologist to tell him he lied. It is thinner than before and a bit more patchy, but there is hair there.

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I'm 6 months post radiation therapy and now have an inch of hair. I lost the hair on the nape of my neck, as well. As a woman, it was easy to cover up with my longer hair on top. I did have a mole with a hair that grows on my chin, was hoping that wouldn't grow back, but it does, too. :( From what I have read on the internet, most of the time it will grow back, it just takes time. My doctor said it may or may not grow back. It probably depends on what stage of life you are in, as hair grows in a cycle, as well.

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Lost all facial hair from the ears down and about 6 inches of neckline. I was told it wouldn't grow back. All facial hair is back and neck is coming in nicely.

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We didn't notice that at first - it explained why Doug always had a runny nose. It has started to come back, along with some facial hair. The nape of the neck hair is about 1 cm long (3 months post radiation)and seems finer and straighter than the old stuff, but it's still short.

I'm going to miss those smooth cheeks, however.

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I'm almost one year post treatment. I had all of the above. Nape of neck was the worst, I had a very irregular hair line, but it has evened out. The hair line is about one inch higher though.

Under my chin and lower chest is still smooth a babies...
Nose hair grew back unfortunately.

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I had hair loss from chemo and radiation so not sure how relevant my experience will be but wanted to let you know the hair loss from the radiated area is the slowest growing back. They did tell me it may never grow back but I am happy to report I have the seedlings of hair growth on the nape of my neck. Not as much as prior to radiation / hair loss but hey a little is better than nothing.

So as other said it may time but just give it time to grow.

That being said I have some caps, surgical scrub caps I'd like to donate to any head and neck cancer patients that loss their hair let me know and I can get your address and mail them to you.

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Very little of mine grew back on the face and neck, they put a block in for my voice box so I have chin hair and mustache like normal. That has left me looking very scruffy looking after 5-6 days, I used to grow that much in a day and half. I wish it had not come back I liked the smooth clean look without grooming.


Kent Cass
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Like most the back of the neck hairline took a major hit. Didn't really come back the same. Moustache came back, and being NPC that kinda surprised me. Where the rads were majorly applied elsewhere on my face and neck- never really came back. Scalp never lost much, but I still blame my balding to the C&R. Kinda convenient for us men to have an excuse for our lack of hair.


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I lost from the top of my ears down. Mine did grow back. My hair was always very thick, wavy and wiry. The half that grew back is even more out of control and very curly. I'm happy it grew back and I am back to a thick head of hair. With the 40 lbs weight loss it was also getting thin where there was hair.

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Lost most along the top of my neck where the rads hit me (horizontal strip).

Came back slowly, a little thinner than before, and with a bit of a funky curl (ducks bum).

Hope she is going OK Clear.


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How about eyelashes.

Erbitux eyelashes(known long term effect) have become thick and uneven, can be eyestabbing.
Does this revert to "normal" post erbitux?

just to update: 23 days Rt done.
Finished course of Augmentine anti biot. because fever(believed to be caused by mouth sores).
But still slight fever on and off. Onco believes "it must be a RADs thing.
Eating primarily through j-tube only (because of mouth sores), despite her ability to swallow.
Also she has developed diareah.
But holding on and making do with homeopathic meds and accupunct only.

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I had eighteen 250 mg doses of Erbitux during my treatment, and the only side effects I had was the acne an dry skin. Some acne was so bad it was almost shingle like.
I didn't have anything happen to my eyelashes though, have you asked the docs about those?
I was like most here about the loss of hair, my neck line has none where the rads were and all the goo (LOL) my wife put on it is softer than a babies behind. As always
Wishes & Prayers for you and your wife

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