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natural/alternative treatments?

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Where can i find real information on natural/alternative treatments or supplements?

Has anyone opted to not do chemo/radation and try alternative therapy? What are your experiences?

What about vitamins/supplements/alternative treatments to combat side effects of radiation?

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I chose to do radiation, but did not do chemo because of another illness I have that can effect my bone marrow.

Some doctors do not want you to do some alternative herbs or supplements while doing traditional treatemnt so it is important to be honest and tell your doctors everything you are doing.

Before going into radiation I tried to boost my immune system by juicing taking an immune booster, omegas and flax and fish oil and a multivitamin. Some here have done traditional treatment and then followed that with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There is info on Glutamine, which has been studied to help with mouth sores during some treatments, I have posted this info as well as other products and tips that can help with the side effects of radiation and chemo on the HNC Superthread on the first page of this board. There is also info about juicing, and nutrition there as well.

Not sure if you have looked at the Superthread yet, but I would encourage you to do that if you haven't.

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Check out the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment. Keith Block has a book called "Life Over Cancer". They have a pretty good website also. I use a Chinese medicine center that specializes in cancer. It is called Pine Street Clinic and I highly recommend it. They have a website also and offer over the phone consultations unless you're in the SF Bay area. Then you can just drop in.


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You can consider doing both. Most Conventional Doctors do not like this mainly because they simply don't know about the alternatives nor if they could compromise conventional treatments.

Many people have had great result with alternatives and also using a combination. Bob's suggestion of the Block center is s good start. You will need an experienced Naturopathic Doctor or one with both sides covered ND and MD, or a clinic that has both that work together.

I chose to use Conventional but during and since treatment have gone full on with diet and supplements and am having very good results. More on my expressions page + info on supplements etc.

You will find there are a long list of things you can do to get your body to fight the cancer and to trip up the cancer progression process. Note that most of the natural therapies will require a dramatic change in lifestyle and diet. You can start that today.

PM me if you need further direction.


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Thank you all for your information

Scam, the info on your "expressions" page was very helpfull... ya kinda did all the work for me which was what i wanted haha! Every website/book/article tells you to take different things! who do you believe! im hoping since you are actual the patient and took those particular supplements with good results you are technically a better "resource" so to speak.

I did purchase the Block book though as well.

I will continue my research on vitamins and supplements...

only difficult part will be mom to listen to my research/advice! She is so stubborn im starting to go nuts over here!

thanks again

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Joined: Feb 2011

only took me 20 minutes to figure out how to find your expressions! haha

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