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Chemo Pump Question

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A friend of the family started chemo this week for tongue cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes. She had mentioned that she was going to be on a pump for 96 hours. I know some of you werre on 5FU for that 96 hours.
My friend was on cisplatin for those 96 hours. Has anyone here heard of that? She is going to a local oncology clinic which I believe my mom went to the same clinic as is no longer with us.
As far as this friend can tell us is that she is on this chemo for the 96 hours then off for 2 weeks then another 96 for five cycles. Any kind of info on this protocol would be greatly appreciated, that I could pass on to her. Thanks

Kent Cass
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I was on both Cisplatin and FU-5 pumps for two 96-hour times, at the beginning of weeks #1 and #4, while getting the rads. Carried two pumps and two bags/session. Only one I know of who had that regime. Is this friend only getting a Cisplatin pump? And for how many 96-hour sessions? 5 more sessions?! And any rads at the same time?


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Jan Trinks
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Hi Dave:

My husband had the 5FU pump for 96 hours which was started after he finished the cisplatin there at the onocologist's office along with another chemo drug. His induction chemo was 3 cycles with 3 weeks off and one on. I've not heard of the cisplatin being done on the pump but that is certainly not to say it's never done. I just don't know. But then, the oncologist that Charlie had and his staff were just so super and always told us our job was not to wonder, if we had a question, call them anytime day or night. Good luck to your friend.

Jan (basketcase)

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