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I think I have kidney stones, yet again! Ugh -- no health insurance

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drinking cranberry juice, water and lemon water .. in an effort of flushing my kidneys .. so so so very painful. I've been in pain for a few days, and now the pain has escalated to an all time HIGH. I am so very thankful for the drugs that I have on hand from my many surgeries the past 13 months.

Please send good thoughts and prayers my way. I loath the idea of going in for an MRI, Urologist without insurance. This will be my 3rd battle and passing of kidney stones, in 8 years.

Pity Party .. here I come...

Twisted Sister == in tremendous pain,

Vicki Sam

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Been there Vicki Sam. I think it was the most painful thing I ever experienced, including 26 hours of childbirth labor!

I'm thinking VERY POSITIVE thoughts for a quick passage..........


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You've had more than your share of medical woes. I'm really sorry to read this.

Drink your cranberry juice, rest up, and hopefully you're wrong and it will go away.


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Ouch !!! never ending battle right. So sorry for you pain, but I heard that beer will flush a stone out and it can't hurt the pain.
Kathy ~

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Oh Vicki Sam, So sorry for that pain, I had a bout with it only onve and it isn't pretty.
Prayers and hugs,

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Jean 0609
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I know what you are going through. I suffered with this pain right before my breast cancer was diagnosed last year. Then after the diagnosis, everything else went on the back burner. Finally ended up go to a urologist in December. I had a kidney stone lodged in my urethra. He was able to dislodge it, but not remove it. He said if I didn't pass it, I would have to have it surgically removed. I REFUSED to have another surgery. Went home drank, drank, drank, and drank some more until I was floating and did manage to pass it. Hopefully, you will too. I know what kind of pain you are having and I am so sorry.


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drink, drink and drink some more - all the cranberry juice you can swallow. My mom had stones when I was 16 and she was doubled over in pain. I sure hope you're able to pass them.
{{hugs}} Char

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Yes, drink, drink, drink, pee, pee, pee. Be gone you miserable stone!

Hugs, Renee

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I've never had kidney stones, but I"ve heard they are extremely painful. Hopefully they pass soon! hugs to you, VickiSam, from Linda

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I am sorry to hear you are suffering. I never had kidney stones but I did see my daughter suffer with that problem. They were about to admit her to the hospital to do the surgery and low and behold she went to the restroom at the dr. office and passed the stone. I hope you are lucky enough to pass yours quickly.


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I hate so much to hear that you are in pain my friend. I am praying that this will go away quickly. And, as your other sisters have said, drink, drink drink!

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Dear VickiSam

Know I'm praying for you. I cannot add anything except agree with all the others: DRINK! I have a dear friend who gets kidney stones every couple of years and I've never seen anyone in such pain. They're horrible! Praying that nasty stone shrinks, shrivels & passes through!

Much Love, Prayers and Hugs,

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I am sorry to hear that you are in pain. Thank god for painkillers!
Take good care of yourself VickiSam, we need your caring and
witty personality on this board.

I too have tons of painkillers, anti nausea and antibiotics left over.
My PS kept prescribing them to me and I didn't know what they
were till I got them and realized I already had some. I feel bad
wasting them.


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Bella Luna
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Oh, gosh, how painful. I hope the cranberry juice and the other liquids do the trick and provide some much deserved relief for you. I will say a prayer for you dear friend.

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Oh Vicki, I am so sorry!!! I've had kidney stones and I would rather give birth to triplets without pain killers than have another kidney stone. Bless your heart. I hope it passes soon. I'll be praying for you and I'm sending you a big ole Texas sized hug.



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Vickie Sam, so sorry to hear about this old/new pain! I hope that your remedies do the trick and you can avoid more medical stuff. Here's a gentle hug all covered in best wishes. xoxoxoxo Lynn

Marsha Mulvey
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I've heard about (but never experienced) the pain from kidney stones. I hope this passes quickly - no pun intended. Sorry you're having to deal with it again. Best wishes.

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Ouch! That is soooo painful! Keep drinking an hopefully it will wash away!

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Oh Vicki I am so sorry to hear that you are in such distress, I hope this goes away soon and that you get much needed relief asap. Is there any hope you can possibly see a doctor who will let you make payments or something, cannot imagine going without treatment if it is seriously needed.

Gentle Hugs and Prayers heading your way,


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double post sorry!


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hope. Unable to sleep, sit, stand or walk. Searching for a Urologist at St. Joseph's in Orange ..

I hate kidney stones, 3rd time afflicted with these darn things!!!!


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UGH is right! Hoping you can find an urologist and get some relief Vicki Sam. I am so sorry that this happened to you.

Keep us updated please.

Sue :)

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I've had my share of stones over the years and I'm sorry you are going through this. My first major stone was treated with Lithotripsy and I would never do that again because I felt like I had to pee for three months until all the fragments were gone. Another time, when I was peeing in the cup for a urine test my stone passed into the cup. What are the odds of that happening? My husband had a kidney stone and thought something was really really wrong with him. I told him it sounded like a kidney stone and he said "no, there's something really wrong". I have to admit that I laughed when the emergency room visit confirmed my diagnosis. I hope you take some comfort in knowing that many of us understand your pain. Oh yeah, I just remembered that the emergency room doctor told my husband he could relieve the pain by soaking in a bathtub filled with warm water.

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so sorry...

2 wks ago my daughter went to ER for pain and they thought kidney stones..it was not...it ended up being back out of whack...went to chiro and ok now...

she just got insurance after years but not very good and didn't cover chiro!

hope you are feeling better


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I've never had kidney stones either and have heard also how painful they are. Hoping you pass them. And if not, that you can see a doctor to get help.

Hugs, Kylez

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you pass this stone quickly and without needing to see the doctor.

Love and Light,

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Gosh, I so sam orry about this. You deserve a pity party for sure ! Hope all goes well without more intervention!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Sorry it took me so long to get to your post...prayers are on the way!



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Double Whammy
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Hi Vicki Sam-

Just saw this post and I hope you've passed the culprit now. I've never had one, never want one, either.


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I hope you feel better by now. Please keep us posted.

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Oh Miss Vicki Sam, you poor girl. I've heard how painful those are and I'm praying you pass 'em soon, like NOW, or maybe even yesterday! Three times, isn't there something they can do to prevent them? Your in my thoughts and prayers sister. Please let us know how you are.
Miles of Love,

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I am sorry to hear that dear.

I had my first Kidney stone last year. I was on 3 hrs long drive and at one point pain become unmanageable that I have to pull over and follow the sign for Hospital from HWY and I went to ER (middle of nowhere) as I did not know why I was in so much pain. They "diagnosed" me with Kidney stone and just gave me Demerol (meperidine) - for pain AND send me home Yes I was driving back home by my self ... on Demerol and they did not warm me - Demerol can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions ... yes they let me drive back home by my self :o(

At home I look it up on line and start drinking A LOTS of
a) flat water (avoid naturally carbonated and mineral water),
b) Cranberry Juice and
c) found "remedy" drinking Warm Olive Oil + Apple Cidar vinegar + Honey
... Oh ... this is so nasty to drink. But I was walking in pain all night and drinking all above and by morning I was fine.

My kidney stone are Calcium based, so I have to watch daily intake of dairy and absolutely no Calcium supplements for me.

Since then I did not have any more episodes.

Good luck to you

Lynn Smith
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I feel so bad for you being in pain for so long.Usually mine pass in hours.The first stone I had I thought I was dying.Suddenly I fell because the back pain was so severe I couldn't stand.Had to crawl to the phone to call my husband but thought about the squad.So I know the pain and hope soon all this passes.Days with one is serious.It may be it is to large for you to pass.

Look at my problems below.I had stones and was never told for a year. Just amazes me what can be let go and ignored by doctors.

I had a CT scan Jan 2010 for stomach problems.Found I had a hernia.My gastro doctor saw the X ray but never told me i had kidney stones.I guess he's just a gastro doc but really should have been told to see a urologist.In March 2010 I was in severe pain and knew what it was.Passed the stone 5 hours later(Lucky).Then July 2010 my family doctor said I had blood in my urnine. She let it go till Oct and still there so do another test(urinalysis).Still blood so I go to a urologist.He finds a infection thinking the reason for blood.Take antibiotic.Go back to him and no infection but still blood.He orders a cystocopy. Then gets my CT scan results.Just before the cystocopy I asked about my CT.He said I had kidney stones(not how many)but he wanted to have another CT scan.No way.With all the radiation in those with bc I questioned him.Yes you will have one.Never heard from him about CT but in the meantime I looked for another doctor.found one.He looks up the CT scan done in emergency over a year later and tells me I have 8 kidney stones.That was over 2 weeks ago.He told me to get a KUB(minimal radiation) to see what is going on now.I got the results back Friday.I have passed 4 stones.SO now I must work on passing 4 more.DRINK DRINK DRINK I guess???

I am in No pain which amazes me so they must be small.

Hope you are doing better by now.Will be thinking of you. Wishing your stone or stones pass soon.Now I know in my case you can have more than one.Lodged in the kidneys.

Lynn Smith

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all the kind words of wisdom, support and hope. Sorry to report, that I am still dealing with these pesky stones. Ugh! they are moving, as periods of relief with little pain - ensues with .. agony, pain and sweat... must be on their way out of my body.

Hoping they flush out soon, as my hubby and family are tired, very tired of hearing and seeing me in pain. I imagine that scene with Kathy Bates hitting James Caan with a baseball bat (my mental version of movie), with 1 change .. it's my hubby playing the role of Kathy Bates, and I am James Caan .. laying in bed, moaning and groaning. Hubby aka Kathy Bates is ready to go postal.

I will be going to Urologist tomorrow -- add on patient, so it may be a long day. I have refused to go to ER ...due to been there, done this before. And I don't want to spend $10K on CT Scan, testing, and ER cost. I prefer to use this money for extras ..like making my house payments, food, gas ..etc.

Still searching for health coverage .. now, that's another story.

Thank you again, dear Sisters!

Vicki Sam

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I felt your agony as you compared your pain to the movie with James Caan and Kathy Bates. I feel so awful for you and hope the urologist can give you some relief. I can't remember but did you lose your insurance recently? I can't imagine going through all of this without insurance.
{{special hugs}} Char

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