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Is second infusion better than first/ predictable?

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I feel like everything that goes on with my body is going to end traumatically. If it is a symptom of my body to chemo, I over analyze. My neighbor is burning the "winter pile" today, and I worry that the smoke smell will enter my house and hurt me. I'm scared to go out. This first treatment has been very difficult for me. I have learned to expect the worst. Does the second chemo go better than the first? What are the experiences out there? I have always been a positive person, happy. Dealing with unhappy emotions, etc. was never my lifestyle. Did treatments get better to handle? Did emotions get better to handle?

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I have not done chemo..so can't relate...just wanted to say I hope it gets better. I used a journal which helped me with misc things, issues etc. also therapist/social worker at my cancer center was a great help.


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For me the first chemo was the hardest because like you, I was over analazing every little thing but the second time I knew more what to expect. Each time has been a little different but nothing I really hadn't seen before just more of one side effect or less of another. So sorry the first time was so hard on you. I think you will be less tense the next go-around and get back to your more positive self. We all have our ups and downs with our emotions so don't worry about that either. Best of luck to you--just remember this old chemo will wipe away those cancer critters so let it work on you, your body can take it, I pray.

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jo jo
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I think many of us on here has had that emotional rollercoaster ride going on...so thats pretty normal. My experience with chemo was we did not play well together but not everyone is like that. I think the first one is the hardest cuz you dont know what to expect and from then on you do and are better prepared and can do things to improve your side effects...so just hang in there and your in our thoughts and prayers!

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I agree, my first one was the hardest. I think part of the reason was not knowing what to expect. My 2nd treatment was easier and I felt better sooner afterwards. The emotional part stinks and tends to show up whenever it wants. I had days that I felt good physically but was a wreck emotionally. It does get better and it is doable. Gods blessings and prayers to you
(((hugs))) Janice

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It takes time to get used to what is happening to you. Don't try to suppress your feelings and emotions because that will just prolong the adjustment. It will get better. We are always here to listen and we do understand because we have been where you are.


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Total anxiety over the unknown, not having any idea what my body was going to do from one day to the next (sometimes one hour to the next)....the 1st one was by far the worst.

Something that really helped me was keeping a day-by-day log of my side effects -- by the 2nd infusion, and definitely by the 3rd, I could see patterns and learned that, for example, I needed to make sure I had this or that medication on Day 2, not to plan any activities on Days 3 and 4 because that was when my fatigue was the worst, when my taste buds came back online each time, etc.

Finding some predictability after the first round really helped me feel more in control and less anxious. Keeping a log is also very helpful for your doctor -- I always took mine with me to every appointment, and my doctor loved it.

Hope that helps,


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I was also not the poster child for chemo. However your body says after the first one "what the? " then it adjusts to a degree. plus you know how you deal with chemo and are armed with ways to manage it. Good idea to keep a journal of your symptoms. Remember it gets better.

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