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1st scan and check up

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I had my first check up yesterday. Cancer treatment appears to be working, everything looks good. No apparant reason for all my stomach pains other than radiation side affects. I'm told that will get better. Next Scan in May. Yea!!

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Great news--thanks for sharing it with us! You'll probably be dealing with some radiation side effects, just as we all do, but everything improves with time. I'm so glad you are doing well and hope that the May scan will be clear. Take care.

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Congrats on the good news.
Best wishes,

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let's keep all the good news coming! Congratualtions!

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That is fantastic news!!!!!!!

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Did they do anascopy or PET/CT scan?

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Fortunately for me, my anascopy was done at the time I was anethsetised for a colonoscopy, so I didn't feel a thing. The colonoscopy was being done because during the course of my CT, there appeared to be an abnormality in my cecum. It turned out to be scar tissue from my appendectomy, and not related to my cancer or radiation. Next scan is scheduled for May. Can't wait to hear the good new regarding your scans and tests!

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Congratulations on your tests result, glad they discovered the cause of the abnormality and it turned out to be just scar tissue. Thank you for sharing!

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Great News! Lori

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