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NED vs. Remission......

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.....doc today told hubby that his scans looked good, bloodwork is good, and that he is "in remission". Of course we are thrilled and happy dancing, and thanking everyone for their support on this site! I was surprised that doc used the term "remission" though.....I thought that was more reserved for a Hodgkins-type cancer.

Any thoughts from my more experienced friends? In the meantime, please join the dance
with us!


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Congrats on the good scans...

NED, Remission, etc...all somewhat seem to be a little interchangeable to some degree depending on who you talk to or what you read.


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Glenna M
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Congratulations on the good reports. I will be dancing all day because of this good news. Please don't worry about NED vs remission, it all depends on your doctor. Mine has never said NED but has said that the tumor in my lung is no longer visible on the scans. The laryngeal cancer, not positive about that as they have not scanned there lately as they are more concerned about my lung because they found another lesion on the last scan.

I think it all depends on our doctors, some say NED, some say remission. In the end I think it's all the same. I even asked my doctor if this meant that I was cancer free and his reply was "for now", meaning it could come back.

Stay strong, enjoy life and keep dancing!!!


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Congratulation's on your wonderfull new's! I am so happy for you all!

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Congratulations on the good news. I am not sure why use NED and some use remission - either way sounds good to me!


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Yippiee, good news lifts the soul and heart. Stay positive and bless you and hubby

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I needed something to dance about and this was just what I was looking for.

All the best on the NED

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I know how you feel, my dad just got the same good news. Enjoy!


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