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getting well?

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My husband wants to know after all his cemo treatments and rad treatments how long will it take him to be well again?

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This is a topic that comes up often, but there is no exact time frame. It all depends on your husband's current health and the date of his last treatment. He has had Chemo and Radiation, from the last day of treatment, we still " Cook " from the treatments. The effects are still felt. It could last from anywhere from 2-8 weeks.

In my case, it was roughly 4-5 weeks after my last treatment that I finally was able to taste a few items that I ate. The fatigue level will bounce around for awhile and I was told that the fatigue issue could last for at least one year if not more.

Something to be aware of is the TSH levels of his Thyroid when he gets blood work done. This can cause allot of fatigue down the road. My Radiation Oncolgist told me to be aware of this after radiation. He said it wasn't a matter of if I would have a problem only when. It took nearly 6 years before my thyroid started acting up. I now take some medicine for it and my levels are back to normal and I feel better.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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We all recover at different speeds. The first couple of month are very tough sometime with little signs of improvement. We all say it is best to measure improvement by the 'weeks', not the days during this phase.

3-6 months is common for people to return to work and normal activities including eating. 7-8 month he could be back and very fit.

He will get there, but patience and proper care, nutrition, and steady and increasing exercise are important for a good recovery.


Kent Cass
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Lot depends on exactly what "well" means.
I felt well enough to return to work a month after my last rad, though I would have liked a couple more weeks off. Doesn't happen overnight, and the chemos and rad stays in your system significantly for awhile longer, not to mention the body is still coping with some issues of damage done. We're all as different as the specifics of our C, and treatment, physical shape, and mindset. Takes awhile for the majority of us to feel capable of, for instance, getting back into the workplace. Takes as long as it takes, Sue.


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Well...that's a tricky word. My husband is a year out. When someone asks me how he is doing I say... great!...And that's how we feel he is doing!.. that's how we live day to day. We are happy and moving forward.
But, with that being said...a non H&N cancer surviver doesn't deal with dry mouth... not being able to eat certain food... swelling in the neck...dental issues that can cause serious problems...lack of jaw movement....some ear pain... and other.. many other things. If all these things hit them one day like the flu they would think they were miserible..

But we aren't non cancer survivors... WE ARE CANCER SURVIVORS and FAMILY!... And we are made of tough stuff... we are doing great!.. and you will too!..LIFE IS GREAT!

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