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cystoscopy and FISH test questions

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Hi all,
My dad shows blood in his urine. Aside from some other medical issues (mass in thyroid and enlarged groin lymphnode) we now have to address this issue too. The docs are saying a FISH test and cystoscopy. He gave a urine sample 3 wks ago and they never told us that there wasn't sufficient cells and now he has to do it again. I hate careless, incompetent doctors and am frustrated with them! As for the cystoscopy, how painful is it? How long is the precedure? Who should do it, like any kind of specialist or is a urologist enough? I ask because we had a horrible experience with the radiologist who did his fine needle biopsy of the thyroid. Please give advice and help!

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The cystocopy sounds worse than it is. Many of us have had them done and continue to for diagnostic purposes as well as treatments. And yes, a urologist is who would do it. They are 'specialists'. It was a urologist that removed my bladder and created a urostomy so I could live. Just make sure you do your homework and find someone you feel you can trust. I had all of my workups and surgeries performed at a teaching university hospital and was and continue to be well pleased.

Can't help you with the FISH test as I have never heard of it. Sorry. Perhaps you could 'google' it if no one else answers. By the way, the cystoscopy normally takes just a few minutes. They will inject a numbing agent into his penis and that should take the edge off. But, with that said, it is what it is. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go for it. As I initially said, it truly sounds worse that it is.

Wish you well.

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The fish test is a simple diagnostic tool that checks the urine for cancerous cells floating around,. It gives the urologist a better idea if there is or is not malignant cells. It is almost always used with other cancer tests but a cystoscopy is really the defining test.

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