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I am on Radiation Treatment for my Larynex Cancer .I took 11 treament and 22 more to go.
I have great pain for swolling which was not before.
Pain is unbarble.Doctor says you have to bare it.No medicaton prescribed.
Is anybody have remady to deal with this throt pain .Even I feel difficulty in swolling water too!

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Sorry to hear about the pain. You should be on pain meds. Fentynal patch. Maybe Oxycodone anywhere from 5mg-15mg qid. Also can get a lidocain/maalox/benadryl mixture made up at pharmacy.


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Ingrid K
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DSD -- Charles is absolutley correct -- get a new doctor that will prescribe pain meds.... and you need something strong -- this is not going to be helped by over the counter stuff -- you need narcotics.

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Sorry to hear your doctor is not doing the job. You need the products Charles mentioned. Until you can get a doctor to prescribe, go to a pharmacy and tell the pharmacist your story. Ask them to give you the best over-the-counter throat helping product they have while you wait for a new doctor. If they have a liquid with "lydocaine" in it, get it. If you have a walk-in type clinic in your country, please use it. Your doctor is wrong, you should not have to bear it.

best, Hal

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"YOU HAVE TO BEAR IT"!? He or She may be a medical doctor, but something is very wrong here...from Wikipedia:

"Both the role of the physician and the meaning of the word itself vary around the world, but as generally understood, the ethics of medicine require that physicians show consideration, compassion and benevolence for their patients."

Tell your nurse, radiation techs, receptionist or find a patient advocate and get some help soon. Pain meds are a must.


Best to you and all here.

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No pain meds is barbaric! WTH is he thinking? Please do as the others suggested.

Can he be reported for this?

Kent Cass
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Unless there are extenuating circumstances which may interact with pain meds, there is no excuse for your Dr. to not prescribe meds for pain. Might try your regular Dr., as he/she should be well aware of the pain that goes with C treatment. My rad Dr. didn't prescribe anything for me, but my Onco and regular Dr. did. Is it possible there's a hitch- that this rad Dr. just doesn't write prescriptions for anyone, for reasons specific to that Dr.?


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It takes energy away from your body that should be used for healing and is just not acceptable for what you're going through anyway. The ER would be your fastest relief and would be my recommendation for immediate results. I'm so sorry you are going through this like this. It's not right.


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I am sorry you are going through this.You need to change Dr's or complain to someone & get help with this.Suffering needlessly is wrong!

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DSD, I was hoping you could add a little more information. You only mentioned your one doctor. Also you didn't mention chemo. I was wondering if you live in a small town.
But, as others have said you shouldn't have to suffer. All our Docs provided remedies for sore mouths, swelling and pain. This will get worse for you. And somethings just isn't right here. Is this doc your radiation doc and do you have ENT and Oncologist?
Please post again and let us know more and how you are doing. Rose

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My husband completed treatment for hypopharyngeal cancer and I agree with the others: there's no need for you to suffer unrelenting pain. Fentanyl patches, morphine tablets and then, when things were getting better, hydrocodone pills were prescribed for Jim.

We are at a pain clinic now and they still (seven months post-treatment) encourage Jim to use as much pain medication as is needed, although he has backed off significantly as the pain subsides.

Please do not continue to hurt: demand help or ask to be referred to a pain clinic.

I cannot imagine why your doctor would say there is no help for the pain. I really can't.

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It's one thing to not want pain meds. Hubby was like that, refused anything until it became unbearable. But a DOCTOR to tell you to, pardon the phrase, man up?

You're Fired. Next case.

Your body NEEDS relief from the pain so it can heal. I imagine you aren't sleeping, which is the second thing the body does when it heals (pain then sleep). OTC is not going to help this, narcotics (fentynal, dilaudid, oxycodone, morphine, something!!) is required, especially if you are unable to swallow liquids. This is a quality of life issue now and this person needs a good what for.

Worst case scenario; go to the ER. If nothing else they will treat the pain!

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I had the same cancer as yourself, and layed in a tub at 2:00 am, trying to drink ice water upside down, till it felt comfortable, than puked it back up...your going threw the hardest part, i found it horrible, the doctors gave what they could, even morphine,I refused the feeding tube, which was probably a mistake, the first thing that I tried was a seafood bisque soup from kroger, I know if you hate seafood, and luke warm cream soup, no chunky crap, try that, it saved my life...and my hydros, I also went in and got extra fluids pumped into me at the chemo site, this also kept me going, you need to get threw these next 2 weeks, the pain, the rawness is the worst, no one can feel the pain, unless you where there...we are here, if you need to ask me anything else i'll gladly get you my email..take care....Dennis

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