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No News is good News

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Its it true that no news is good news. I did my scan last Thursday and have not heard nothing yet but figuring that no news is good news.
I will call there afterwhile. I am anxious to know but yet figuring that they should have called me already. And thinking that if something was wrong they would have called already. I am tired of the waiting. It freak me out. I dont sleep good that way.
Hope you all are having a good day.

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Yes, please call your doctor's office. Let them know your awaiting test results and get your onc to call you. That usually speeds things up for me. When I'm waiting for results I'm usually so stressed I shake and can't swallow, really bad.

Thinking of you,

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Hey Hilde,
You be sure to let us know when you get that call. I agree with Leslie..."CALL THEM" and just tell them you want to know and your sick of sitting around wondering, worrying and waiting. Dang it..it's just so wrong to keep folks hanging for results...really ticks me off more than anything. Love ya..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi Sue and Leslie:

I took both of your advice this afternoon and called them I can not believe they let me wait this long. I was a basket case. But have good news. My scan was clean.
You can not tell me they did not have those results on Friday already. So I worried all weekend.
I suppose all the aches and pains are cause I am getting old. LOL. It does show you how your mind thinks when you are not feeling up to par. I suppose all I did was pull something under my arm. But I was glad anyway to see it was good.
Hope you both are doing well.
love ya both

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I am so happy that you news was good. Have a worry free evening!!

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