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No Clinical Trials available to me? HELP

lorisoto Member Posts: 14
SCLC Clinical Trials - Does anyone know of any Clinical Trials going on right now in the US for Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer with Mets to the brain. I'll go anywhere anytime whatever it takes. My oncologist have gone through 180 trials and we thought I would be able to go to MD Anderson in Texas but there waiting on my radiation to my lung results before they'll even think about considering me. I'm out of options and I need a clinical trial. I've been off chemo for 3 weeks now and It's going to be a year since diagnoses on April 12, 2011 and I feel if I don't get into anything quickly after radiation my days are numbered. Please help.
Thank you


  • angelyn
    angelyn Member Posts: 51
    Clinical trials
    Please check with the West Clinic in Memphis, Tenn. My mother goes there and was just diagnosed with recurrent SCLC. It has only been 7 months since she finished her first chemo. Her doctor told her that there was a clinical trial going on and that she could go to that first or try the chemo first. We chose the chemo and started Monday. We have another appointment Monday to talk. Don't know if it will be how the chemo is going or what. He also said something about radiation again. Please try them and see if they can help you.
    Lots of love and prayers your way.
  • stayingcalm
    stayingcalm Member Posts: 650
    SCLC Clinical trials
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  • Lynn Smith
    Lynn Smith Member Posts: 1,264

    SCLC Clinical trials
    You can further refine the search by location or other variables...

    Ohio State
    I live in Ohio and I know someone who is doing some treatment at Ohio State. Her lung cancer is Stage 4. I would try there.Anything.

    She is doing pretty good.She has been fighting lung cancer for 1 year this month.Seems like sometime this week.

    Of course you have to be OK'd for the treatment and trials.She missed some but got into others.

    I hope this will help you since you are willing to go anywhere.Ohio State is a great place for many people in Ohio to get cancer treatments esp if all else fails.

    Get in touch with them and tell them about your situation.They will probably be willing to see you.
  • soccerfreaks
    soccerfreaks Member Posts: 2,788
    "The waiting is the hardest part"
    (Tom Petty reference)

    I would advise that you seem rather impatient at the moment. Part of cancer's 'magical appeal' is that it makes us wait. It seems to me that MDA has advised you to wait while they get the results of your most recent tests. This is not unusual or cause for alarm. As far as I've been able to gather over the last five or six years, cancer is generally not in a big hurry and neither are your doctors, therefore.

    That said, have you looked at curetoday.com online? It is the e-mag for CURE magazine (an ACS supported magazine) and typically lists the latest and greatest trials for cancers.

    I wish you the best.

    Take care,