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First anniversary after surgery

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Joined: Jan 2010

Today March 15 marks the first anniversary since my prostate removal. I thank God for being cancer free, continent since day one and for making erratic progress in the ED department.
Having high blood preessure and high cholesterol has slowed my progress in the ED area. I am able to have useable woodies with or without out the help of Viagra or Cialis, but cannot complete the job 50 per cent of the times.
I thank all the members of this group for sharing their experience and for their support.


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Congrats on the one year milestone!


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Very happy for you…. As far as the ED “issues” I hear it takes about 18 months or so….So be happy for the day and enjoy life each and every day….

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Hope that you post more of such good news. ED at the end is just part of your history.
The best to you

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Congratulations on your anniversary cancer free. You are now a member of the Zero Club.
This is one time you want a zero.


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One year is an important milestone. Good to have that one behind you. Wishing you many, many more.

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Thanks all!

It was surely a ride as PC completely changed our lives. It is finished the time when we can have a woody at will. Now we have to put to it all our mind and physical effort to get one. But again, we are happy to be alive, cancer free and kicking....


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