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CA-125 Marker, Changes to FIGO staging & color of Endometrial Cancer Ribbon ETC.

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Does anyone have an opinion on why CA-125 tumor marker is used for gauging Ovarian & UPSC recurrences & not so much endometrial cancer?

When did the FIGO staging change, what year? It seems like at first FIGO was staged very aggressively & recently the stages are lower grade. Does that mean cancers today are staged/graded lower but really the cancer is more advanced & that is why there are more recurrences? I know UPSC is rare & along with ovarian it tends to me more aggressive.

Is teal the real color of ovarian, cervical & all gyn cancers in general? Some internet sites says ovarian/cervical is teal but endometrial/uterine is peach? I read peach was the real color of breast cancer but when the Susan G Komen foundation got popular they went to pink instead of peach & then they just gave uterine the peach color.

Also, can endometrial cancer recur as a mole on your upper/inner thigh since it's near the vaginal/pelvic area?
Just noticed I have this scaly mole looking thing that is on my leg & it wasn't there before the cancer. It is (I think in the same spot I had biopsied & removed 14 years ago & was diagnosed as non-malignant.)

Think I should go to bed, rambling...........

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CA 125 is a good marker for ovarian and UPSC. But as we have found out on this site, it is not good for everyone.

Teal is the color for ovarian cancer, and peach is the color for uterine cancer. There is a good site called "Choose Hope" that has peach colored bracelets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. I have ordered from them for family, friends and myself. My favorite to give others are the peach bracelets that say" Say It, Fight It, Cure It." I even had to reorder because people told their broke from wearing them all the time, or taking them on and off. That made me feel good they were wearing them.

I doubt that you mole is from your endometrial cancer. But after my chemo/radiation sessions were over, I went to a dermatologist for a skin check. I needed 6 biopsies of areas that had popped out since my treatment finished. two were negative, two were basal cell carcinoma, and two were squamous cell carcinoma. The four cancers were surgically removed. Plus I had about 20 areas on my arms that were burned off. The dermatologist said it was not unusual for skin cancers to pop up after treatments are completed. She said we all have cancer cells under the skin, and when the immune system is compromised the come out. So my suggestion would be for anyone who has completed treatment, to go for a skin check. Neither of my onocologist recommended this.

I would think you would want to have your scaly mole checked for your own peace of mind.

I wrote a long note yesterday, but it never did post. The site seemed extremely slow yesterday. Hope you are doing well. In peace and caring.

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Thanks for the information. I will probably go see my dermatologist to get the mole tested if it doesn't go away. I just thought it was weird I never saw it there before. My doctor said she was not going to monitor me for CA-125 because of my stage/grade & it is used more for ovarian & UPSC like you said also.

Those Choose Hope bracelets sound pretty even if they are peach. I went to the website but it won't open. I'll try again.

I read you are in treatments, I hope it is going easy on you. My prayers are for you for healing & I am so glad this site is here for us to come to for support, even if none of us want to be here in the first place.

I wish you health, happiness, blessings & peace.

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