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port & chemo in the am

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I get my port tomorrow morning and then go directly to the dr office to get my 1st round of chemo. It hit me I am scared to get the chemo. Silly me started reading all of the side effects and have now convinced myself I am going to have an allergic reaction to the Taxotere or Cisplatin.

I have multiple drug allergies and have had bad reactions in the past. I just watched my dad go through 3 different lines of chemo (multiple rounds) before the SCLC took him.

My oncologist is the same one my dad had. I know and really like and trust the chemo nurse.

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Good luck with the port and chemo tomorrow. My mother started her 2nd line treatment for sclc today and she did just fine. Try not to worry even though it is hard not to. It's great that you trust your doctor and nurse so you are already ahead of this in a positive way.
Praying for you.

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I am so glad that your mother did well with her treatment today and I will be praying for both of you. I'm very thankful that I knew where to turn when my CT was unclear.


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luz del lago
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Sending hugs and prayers your way! Walk in there with a positive attitude. Cancer is the enemy, you are the warrior! I'm praying that you will not suffer an allergy, but don't be afraid or worried, chemo nurses are awesome at recognizing an allergic reaction, and are right on it!

You go girl!


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