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Vommitting - help

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My partner is on a trial drug and has been vommitting almost every day for past 4 weeks, has stopped taking drug for past week after doctor told him to, lost 7kilos. If the drug does not work out for the big C, then it is an anti obese winner (take this and you will never eat again!!)
It may be connected to a stent put in between kidney and bladder which was carried out just before the trial start.
All in all, before stent and trial, eating well, out and about and working, now just sits all day, no energy, discomfort from stent and the sickness.

Damn, whilst news was hard, the stent and trial have set him back a lot.Its not as though his kidneys were under performing it was a preventive measure.

So please, tips to settle the stomach and restore appetite please, juice is not working too acidic, milk is OK and peanut butter is not causing a problem, but he needs to stop saying hello to the big white bowl so all 'sensible' ideas welcome

Thanks in advance, remember we are in the UK, so no products that we cannot get here, thats teasing.

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It probably isn't the stent, it's uncomfortable as all get out, I had mine in for 5 weeks I think, and I hated every movement I made.
So I would assume it's from the trial. Did they give him pills for the nausea? Here, I just eat a "special" truffle and didn't suffer from nausea, but I'm not sure if marijuana is legal there. If the milk is okay for your partner, make milk shakes and if you can purchase it there Carnation Instant Breakfast's are great in the milk, keeps the weight on and eventually helps the appetite after surgery.
Hope this helps somewhat.
Winter Marie

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He has scans today, doc thinks may be the tumour in the peritoneal cavity, rather than the stent, so the trial drug did not work, find out Thursday, we have plans of our own in these circs so we may have to begin them.

I shall pursue the special truffle idea, smoke, bake or? how best?

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I buy my already made,so I can't tell you how they do it. We just go into stores here in California, present a card, and can buy what we need pre-made.
Winter Marie

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Look up low residue diet. This is very easy to digest and not acidic, and not expensive. It is about cooking all of one's foods and balancing one's diet. Nearly the Zone Diet without raw foods.

I had to do this to settle my stomach. It took me two weeks to get somewhat normal. My doctor also recommended Tincture of Opium. This slows the colon down and allowed my body more time to digest. I use the Tincture maybe once a week to twice a week during my entire chemo treatment. (5 months.) Also be warned the Tincture is the WORST tasting stuff ever! (I am not exaggerating the taste at all. Seriously disgusting.)

Best Always, mike

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Works great. Calms stomach, increases appetite...

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every time, and quickly. Of course you have to be in the right state, (if you live in the U.S.) which is in my book completely insane!!

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Grate fresh ginger into a tea. I read on another post that this is helpful for nausea.

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Hi Gary - is he able to take anything for it? My husband takes both Maxalon and Ondansetron for his nausea (he has peritoneal / omentum mets too so maybe he similar to your partner?). The Ondansetron is really easy as its just a wafer under the tounge so theres no need to swallow with water (which invariably comes up). Works pretty fast too.

The other thing that has been working well - but admittedly isnt for everyone - is a Stones & Dry - Stones Green Ginger Wine and Dry Ginger Ale. Alcohol is an appetite stimulant - but still check with your Docs because I dont want to say 'Hey get on the booze' without knowing what else he is taking which might have a negative effect.

Otherwise - do you have Sustagen over there? (Protein powder to add to milk). Thats been good for mine - and Bovril & hot water.


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Today I bought Buderim Ginger Bears (like jelly babies, but all ginger) and he has had the most settled stomach in 4 weeks.

Probably is the tumour, but that would mean the Trial drug was not working, we find out tomorrow and go to plan B, C, D etc etc

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Hi, I am new to this too. I have found that peppermint helps a whole lot, hard mints or dinner mints work well (dinner mints are the best because they melt and he wont choke on them). My hubby would eat and then go and pray to the “Porcelain God” Also, (do not laugh) animal crackers helped keep his stomach from becoming a “nuclear wasteland. And he would keep a few of those down. Good luck honey!!

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