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The second surgery to try to free up my lung went a lot smoother then the first. I woke up in recovery and was able to go home. I am still quite the popular girl there though; everyone seems to know who I am. It seems to be working and I am breathing better. The chemo has started again. Not as wicked as the first, yet with its own unique difficulties. I have dropped way to much weight. It is disappointing because I was doing so good. Yesterday was the day I was first diagnosed a year ago. I expected this to be a much happier time in my life then it is.

My husband believes he needs nothing. I on the other hand believe it is my job to support the economy with my shopping. I actually have a room in the basement that was full of new items that I could grab and gift at a moments notice. The problem is as my kids grew up the grabing and gifting dimished, but the stuff remained. I have spent weekends giving carloads of stuff to friends who are lucky enough to have kids under the age of 10. I used to be emotionally attached to the stuff - now I am not. My husband is estatic. It was like Christmas. Blame lending practices for the bad economy- I know it happened because I got sick.

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Glad to hear surgery went well and you are home. I'm sure you will be back shopping before you know it and you will refill that room right back.

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Glad you got to go home and the breathing is better. Heal up fast so the economy can get back on track. We need you out there shopping!


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Glenna M
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Happy to hear that your surgery went well and you are already home. I know I don't need to tell you to eat, eat, eat, but I'm going to anyways :) Just call me the "Nag". Hope the side effects from the chemo are few and manageable also.

Stay strong and get better soon, the economy needs you!!!


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Since Glenna already nagged you to eat, I won't. :)

Glad that you still have your excellent sense of humor. Feel better soon.

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Hi Judy,

Thank you for updating. My thoughts and prayers are with you always and I am glad to hear the surgery went well and you are breathing better. I know this is a rough road, but hang in there, you have a great attitude and sense of humor. I hope we can all hang on until you feel well enough to stimulate the economy again.

Take care,


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Judy, so glad to hear you are home and doing well. I am sorry you find yourself going through this yet again, but am confident you will pullthrough this just like the first time.

Stay strong!!!



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I am happy to hear you are doing well! If you can't eat, then drink those calories down! I was the same way with the shopping then after my illness I purged lol. Called my kids & said
if there is something you want then come get it. The rest went to my sister & friend's. Now I started back at it again. Mostly spoiling the grandson's & my weakness for shoes lol!
Wishing you my best!

Kent Cass
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Great to hear the surgery went okay, and the chemo's started= you're moving positively forward. Please keep us updated. And work on that shopping list.


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Glad to hear the surgery went well and glad to see your positive attitude on life. They say that laughter is the best healer of all.

Take care

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Good news is always welcome Judy. Stay strong and hope you continue to see improvement. Cheers


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Glad things are working out for you and keep the great and positive attitude...attitude and humor go a long way toward completing your treatment and recovery.

Best Always,

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Jan Trinks
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Glad to hear the surgery went well and you're back home and breathing better. You go girl, on the shopping. I too love to shop; however with the economy, gas, currently unemployed and Charlie being gone, I have restricted myself somewhat, but did have a great time shopping when I went to G'burg TN for a week with friends. It was great. I even bought a few Christmas gifts for this years (part of my justification, don't you know?) Anyway continued prayers for you and yours.

Jan (Basketcase)

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Glad to hear the surgery went well! If I remember correctly you're a big Illini fan(?). In your honor (even though I'm a Mizzou guy) I'll root for the Illini in the Big Dance.

Positive thoughts headed your way!


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I am so glad everything went well. I hope you continue to feel better.
Lots of Love,


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I'm glad you are smiling...and making us smile in return... also glad this surgery went well for you

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