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Metastatic melanoma stage iv

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Has anyone had any experience with metastatic melanoma that has spread to the bones,liver, lungs and lymph nodes? My brother has been diagnosed and it seems time is of the essence but little is getting done with urgency.From what I have found on line we only have a matter of months to get something done! He is under going radiation treatment for his bones because the pain in his spine but his appointment for MD Anderson is April the 6th seems like a long way off with the cancer spreading on every MRI and CT scan.

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Your brother is in for a rough experience and that is putting it mildly. As you may already know your bones, lungs, and lymph nodes are major players in blood production, processing, and cleaning. And he needs a strong liver and kidneys to deal with any potential chemotherapy. It seems you know melanoma is aggressive and spreads quickly; our skin is the biggest organ we have.
Odds are definitely against your brother but do your best to stay positive around him because there are always those persons that beat those odds! MD Anderson is of course a well known hospital for cancer patients and there is great research being done on melanoma.

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