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loss of eyebrows, eyelashes and other hair...

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Please shed some light on the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes during chemo treatments. I'm on day 16 after my first chemo infusion and know any day now, it's time for my wigs. Just wondering what your experiences has been with the loss of other hair. Does it all come out at the same time? Should I expect the loss of my eyebrows and lashes for the during of chemo? I hear so much about hair loss, wigs and scrafs, but not much about what to do about the loss of other hair. I know we're all different, but it's GREAT to hear your experiences and to gather info. I love this CSN resource!!!

Thanks Much!!!
Mitzi ;D

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Hi Mitzi,
I lost my leg, underarm, and "down there" hair right around the time I lost the hair on my head. I didn't mind losing the hair in those places one bit! I lost my eyelashes also, but they took quite a while to all fall out. My eyebrows thinned out a bit but I didn't lose much. It seemed that when my hair was growing back in after chemo, that my lashes took longer to grow back. They sell a lash treatment called "Latisse" that you can get at plastic surgeon's offices -I think it's about $75 and my PS told me that it really does work -i just didnt have that kind of money to shell out for it.
Best of luck to you, and lots of hugs. I know what a crappy time that is :(

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Hi Mitzi,

I am sure you will get widely varying responses to your post. We are all very different when it comes to hair loss. I had 4 rounds of A/C and 12 rounds of Taxotere following my mastectomy. No radiation or hormone pills as I am triple negative.

Just before chemo started I had my hair cut short in anticipation of it falling out. I figured it would be easier going from short hair to no hair than going from longer hair to bald. On exactly Day 10 following my 1st chemo infusion I absent mindedly ran my fingers through my hair and came away with a handful of hair. It took about 2 weeks before it started looking ridiculous. At that point I had my husband shave off what remained. It was serving no purpose. This is when I started wearing head coverings. I got a great wig at my local American Cancer Society office. It was VERY hard on me emotionally. I cried a lot. I couldn't look in the mirror for weeks without tearing up. Eventually I got used to it. Sure makes shampooing easier. Bald heads are, however, cold.

I also lost all my eyebrows and eyelashes. That took a while longer. 2 or 3 lashes on the bottom of one eye seemed to hold on for a while. That was a strange look. If you are good at it, you can use eyebrow pencil and draw some on.

The hair on my legs and underarms disappeared, too. I had absolutely no problem with that. I have never had such smooth skin. It was actually fascinating. It has been 7 months since my last chemo treatment and that has not come back in as it was before. I do have to shave my legs - just not as often. My pubic hair did not completely fall out but I would say 90% of it did. That was another strange look. I haven't looked like that since I was 12 years old. Most of it has come back now.

I hope hearing about my experience has been of some help to you. Good luck. Most of us have had to deal with this issue to some extent or another.

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Hi Mitzi,
It's me.. I was wondering the same thing. Seems like my eyelashes are either breaking off or thinning, but it's because I keep getting irritating 'things' in my eyes rather than actually seeing the lashes themselves.

I'm going to a Feel Good Look Better class in a few weeks at the local ACS. I just signed up after I heard about it. They show how to look more 'normal' if and when we lose our lashes and brows. I also was told they show things like, How to make a head turban out of a t-shirt.

I figure, there's enough to deal with without having to walk around brow-less!! I wonder how much hair I'll still have on my head in the morning...


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you so made my day i haven't laugh so hard in a while I will be starting my Chemo on 4 /4 you have such a good outlook on what has happened to you thank you so much it makes everything seem a little bit better God bless you and take care

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my scalp hurts and my hair is falling out i need help does shaving your head help the pain go away?

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my eyelashes and eyebrows did not disappear as quickly as the head, leg, and arm hair. I lost all lashes, and 3/4 of the brows. I never wore makeup before, but I went to a ACS Look Good/Feel Better seminar at my Oncologist office. They are great! You get a bag full of cosmetics with a cosmetic specialist that shows you how to apply it correctly. So I ended up putting on eyebrows, shadow, and eyeliner. It became more of a challenge when my lymphedema kicked in and I had to use my left hand to apply (I am right handed). But it worked. The good news is....it grows back! Unfortunately the leg hair came back first! I was getting Sooooo used to not shaving the legs :-) Good Luck! Hugs

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Thanks you for the info, I signed up this morning for Thursday evening. I am really looking forward to learning how to put on makeup without looking like it is painted on! I have the pink Irish skin and I feel so washed out without makeup!

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I lost most of my eyebrows and all of my lower lashes. The leg hair, pubic hair and underarm hair was also gone. One of the most frustrating was losing all of my nose hair...I had a running nose for almost all of chemo (18 weeks) and sneezing was always a mess with no hair to stop it. Everything is growing back now 8.5 weeks out of chemo. The first to grow back was my mustache hair (wouldn't you know it!). My skin was really smooth and clear--but that too is changing back to pre-chemo not perfectly clear skin. My hair is now between 1/2 & 3/4 inch and coming in thick so I no longer cover my head. Quite a shock to see how much "salt" in my salt and pepper hair having dyed my hair for 40 years. I'm going to leave it natural and see what happens.
Good luck,

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i completely forgot about losing all my nose hair too! THAT was a surprise! I also had a runny nose the entire time -but it was quick to grow back.

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I started losing my hair on about day 14. I went ahead and had my head shaved. That was hard but once done I got used to it quickly. I lost all my hair except eyebrows and lashes. I must say it was nice not to have to shave. Eveything is coming back but my arms and legs are thinning,I think due to tamoxfien. Not having hair on your head in the summer is nice but the winter not so much.


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My eyes were really itchy and teary. It took me awhile to realize the eyelashes were coming out ... but slowly. They never totally disappeared ... but it seemed like all the "longer" ones were gone and all that was left was a bunch of little stubby lashes. It took quite awhile before I had eyelashes long enough to use mascara.


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Hey there! Great question! I'm on day 12 and still have my hair! Now being proactive, I donated my hair last weekend
thinking it would be gone by now....LOL

But, this morning, I think my nose hairs came out with my morning congestion! Then, I noticed one of my eyebrows a little thinner...
nothing else as of right now! :o)

I'm already sporting the wig and cap at home....I just wish my hair would go away now!

I did signup for the class too....in anticipation of the eyebrow loss!

Good luck!!

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Lost all my hair but the hair on my arms, eyelashes and eyebrows after two chemo treatments. Then about a week after I was done with chemo I lost my eyelashes and eyebrows! That was very traumatic. Interestingly, they grew back first along with the hair on my legs!

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Thanks Ladies for the Great info. I signed up for the Look Good, Feel Good class this am. I'm looking forward to it. So far, I've experienced very little hair loss. I got my hair cut real short last week. I'm sure after my second chemo treatment on Thurs the hair will begin falling out... ;0( I have my wigs ready for the hair loss, but was not prepared on how to proceed without lashes or eyebrows. Didn't even think about the hair in the nose, on the arms, legs, etc. Geez... This is REALLY a journey we're traveling. I'm buckeling up for the ride.

Big Hugs~
Mitzi ;0)

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Double Whammy
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My eyelashes and eyebrows were the last to go. They thinned initially, but I actually did not lose them all until AFTER my last chemo (about a month after last infusion). Then they left completely! It is a really odd look. It's been almost 6 months since my last chemo and they're coming back, but very slowly. Initially I just applied eyeliner and drew on my eyebrows, but after 2 months I got really tired of no eyelashes. I learned to apply false eyelashes and I've got to say that I really like them, and they look quite natural. In fact, I may continue to wear them on special occasions.

All my other hair fell out at the same time, starting about 2 weeks after first chemo. It's all coming back - slowly.


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It's interesting that you lost your lashes and brows a month "After" your last chemo infusion. Thought the hair was to begin to grow back "After". Hmmm... Oh well...Guess I'll learn to apply the lashes and brows during the class. Thanks Much for your response. ;0)

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Although everyone doesnt lose everything it is a pretty common side effect of the chemo and I love the fact that you are facing it "head on" so to speak.

I lost my hair after maybe 10 treatments. My scalp started to feel itchy but when I would scratch or rub it I would come away with a handful of hair. By the next morning I looked like a baby chick with fuzz & patches. I called a friend to shave off what was left and had a good cry. Fortunately for me I wasnt extremely attached to my hair but seeing myself bald sent off a screaming red flag that said "you ARE sick! there is no avoiding it!" so yeah I cried, accepted it and moved on. Starting with the hair on my head I lost all except my eye lashes. Like others have stated not having to shave was actually pretty cool but the dry tight itchy feeling on my scalp was a pain in the butt. I quickly whipped up some homemade concoction that worked great on that.

Unlike others I didnt go to wigs & scarves etc. I was still working a regular job at the local Honda dealership where I live. I left work on Saturday with shoulder length hair and showed up Monday morning completely bald. I put my cream on my little head and just went as such or if it was cold I had hats. I felt like there was no reason to hide it and my comfortability outwheighed what other people thought. But to my surprise the acceptance & support I got was tremendous!  Ill have to upload a pic for you all when I get a chance.

Anyway... God Bless & Good Luck on your journey. I pray it wont be very long or hard on you and the big C goes away with no return


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I did 4 rounds Ac 12 rounds Taxol. Lost hair in chunks on day 14. I had my son shave my head. Then I cried like a baby. I lost my lashes & brows after I was done with treatment. Then they grew back and I lost them again. I found if you wear eye liner you don't notice it as much. I drew in my brows. I had a wig, but I wore scarfs & hats more. I bought them at www.headcovers.com I also had problem with my nails at one point and I did rub tea tree oil on them , however it did not help much I lost 2 toe nail and finger nail kinda weak and turned white. This does not happen to everyone. Some of us do not lose all our hair. So you wait and see what is. Everything does get back to normal at some point. The good thing is you don't have to shave for a while LOL. Hugs
Kathy ~

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I began losing my hair 15 days after my first chemo. I went through 16 rounds. I lost my underarm hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, the hair on my legs and I shaved my head. I figured after everything it will all grow back. I got some eyebrows back, not fully yet. I think I have about 5 to 8 eyelashes on each eye. And now I have extremely short hair. But you know what, it will all come back. I never did wigs, I am a hat person. I am comfortable with myself to know a little makeup and a good hat works for me. I wish you the best and just know that you are beautiful no matter what.

PS, Just think you don't have to shave your legs, great.

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On day 14, just as my onc said, the hair started to fall out. I had it buzzed off. I lost all of the leg, underarm, and pubic hair, too. My eyelashes never fell out but eyebrows thinned, so I penciled them in. I have 3 weekly Taxol treatments left but my hair (as you can see in the picture) is growing back now.

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That I started losing handfuls of hair so my husband shaved it. Lost nose, arm, underarm, leg and the hair down there,too. I didn't lose my eyelashes until AFTER chemo...thought I was going to be the lucky one, but NO! Never totally lost my eyebrows but they did thin some. Kicker was losing my eyelashes not once but twice! UGH! They are back but not as think as they were...however, the hair on my head is twice and thick and curly as it was before!! Legs, too, darn it!

Good luck!

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Hi, Mitzi,
Funny you should ask. My 1st chemo (Taxotere and Cytoxan) was 1 March; and my eye brows, eye lashes, "other hair" , and head hair are all falling out at the same rate: rapidly. I was told it wouldn't occur until the second round. Anyway, in my own experience, it all comes off at the same time. At least, in the future, I can convince my husband that the hair on the floor is his! haha

I don't have past experience to share, but my current experience is that it has started all over my body at the same time.

Best of wellness to you,

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Hi Mitzi,
I had 8 treaments every 2 wks, 4 AC and 4 Taxol. I lost my hair about 3 wks after the 1st treament. It came out rapidly when it started but not all at once. I did cut it super short to cut down on the shock of losing it. I also bought wigs in advance and began to wear them as soon as I chopped my hair. Just a note a about wigs. I really, really hate my wigs. Then my mother-in-law, who is a hair dresser, said that salons will style wigs for free for cancer patients. I finally went to her salon and had my wigs (I had 3) styled and I actually loved them after that. So if you aren't happy with your wigs, go have them styled. It can make a huge difference in how you feel. it's 6 wks since my last treatment and I have a about 1/2 in of hair now.

My eyelashes and eyebrows fell out gradually during the last 4 Taxol treatments. This actually bothered me more than my hair because it wasn't as easy to fix. But, my mother-in-law showed me how to apply false eyelashes and draw in eyebrows and again it made all the difference. Find a girlfriend or hair shop that you feel comfortable with and have them help you. By the way, my eyelashes are growing in already, only 6 wks after last chemo. I think I should be able to stop the falsh eyelashes in about 4 more weeks.

Good Luck!

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I'm not happy with the wigs I've purchased. ;0( Thanks for the advice to get them styled. I'm calling my hair sylist for HELP!!! Thanks Much for the response.


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Mitzi, I lost all my hair. Every inch of my body was hairless. I did use eyeliner but my my wig wass a page boy style so I kept the wig bangs long. I felt much better knowing my non existing eyebrows were covered. I did not begin to lose my hair until about 6 weeks after my first chemo. When my hair came back- it was all different. My hair on my head came in much thinner than before. My eyebrows are sparse and there is very little hair past the arch. My eyelashes are very thin. My legs really don't need to be shaved but once a week and the hair came in very light ( I have dark hair) Under my arms.... it's funny I will get 1-2 long hairs to shave every other week, really they grow super fast but only a few hairs and the hair on my arms did not come back until about year 10 ( I am at year 13 now)and the hair is very fine and light. After all these years, I still have not met anyone else that lost as much hair as I did so it is interesting to hear from people in this forum.

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I didn't lose my eyebrows and eyelashes until a month after I finished chemo (4 A/C, 4 Taxol), then i lost them again about 2 months later, and I can't believe this, but I am losing them all again and I am 8 months out. Geesh.

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Sorry to hear you've loss your eyebrows and lashes two times, now a third...WOW, hard to believe. Gosh... This is a tough journey. The good thing ... it appears they grow back. Thanks for the response.


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and my eyelashes were getting nice and thick but now afew fall out very now and then - kind of discouraging but I just try to roll with it. Nothing we can do about it really :)
My leg hairs grew back immediatly and still growing fast. I have to shave everyday. My underarms have slowed down with the exception to my left underarm. I think radiation stopped that on all together.
As for the hair down there - I'm about all back now. It didn't grow back evenly either. they were all over the place... :0 gotta laugh.


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Everyone warned me that 4 or 5 days after my 2nd a/c cocktail I would start to lose my hair. It started the morning of my 2nd treatment so I had it shaved off that afternoon. It was sown to buzz cut/stubble and it still hurt when it was falling out so I poped open the shave gel and took it the rest of the way. That helped. Was finished with the a/c and hand't yet started the taxatere when someone comment that I still had eyebrows. That did it! They started to come out within the week and pretty much disappeared. Eyelashes got really thin and public hair disappeared then too. About the time I was loosing everything else the hair on my head started to grow back. I'm getting it cut tomorrow, well trimmed anyway, just to even up the length. My last treatment was the day before Thanksgiving so it's come a long way. It's also really thick (but it always was) and uncontrolably wavey. Wishing you the best! It will grow back! (Oh yeah, never did lose leg hair but only had to shave once a week. Underarms went with the head.)

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I appreciate all of the responses. The common theme is the hair on our head Is going to come out at various times during treatment. Seems eyebrows, lashes and other hair may come out After the treatments. I have my 3rd chemo next week and I've lost lots of hair on my head... not all yet, but I'm sure it will all be gone shortly. No more real soreness in the head. My hair is cut REAL short, so the daily loss it not that tramatic. I have a few different wigs to work with the mood when going out. I have not experienced any hair loss on the eyebrows, lashes, legs, arms or elsewhere YET... Perhaps, I'll also lose that hair at the end of treatment. So many unknowns... Time will tell. The GREAT news... All responders indicate their hair HAS grown back. YEAHHHH!!!! This is a temporary issue, compared to the larger issue of restoring LIFE!!!

Thanks for all of your responses...
Mitzi ;0)

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I did not lose eyelashes and brows until taxol. they came back rather quickly but then fell out again after treatment. then the lashes one more time. Now it seems like the lashes get confused and they are varying lengths, then seem even. its rather weird. I dont htink they know whetehr they are coming or going. It doesnt bother me as they grow rather quickly.

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I lost all the hair on my head after my first A/C treatment. After about 10 days it was all gone! I had long hair all my life!I took a day to cry & complain, then got a wig.Just like every other new thing that comes along on this journey!. After 2 rounds, I lost the underarm hair and....Well lets just say I told my Gyno Dr that I did not pay for a Brazilian wax just for him! :) I have finished 4 rounds of A/C & had one round of taxotere. eyebrows have thinned & still have alot of my lashes which were thick to begin with.

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