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Curious about 2nd round of chemo recommended for NPC

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Just curious about what treatment others have received for NPC. I did 33 radiation treatments. They made them a little stronger so I didn't have to do 35. I did my first Cisplatin on the first day of radiation, and then 3 weeks later did Carboplatin for 4 weeks because I had ringing in my ears. I finished up on March 4th, but my chemo doc told me I'd be doing another round of Chemo. Carboplatin and now I forget what else after a 4 week break. It will be once every 3 weeks for 3 rounds. (Unless something changes.)

Has anyone else done the second round of chemo? Oh, and I know I should know this, but I didn't want to know - I just wanted to be treated. I was never told what stage cancer I had. I'm going to ask at the next appt. Aside from the primary tumor (the size of a quarter) I had only a small dot on the PET scan in one of the lymph nodes below my ear. They weren't sure if it was an infection or cancer.

I sure hate to do more chemo, but it looks like that's my route.

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Hi Lisa,
I'm NPC also. Finished up treatment about 2 1/2 months ago.

I've never heard of more chemo after radiation was through unless a PET/CT showed more cancer. I did 3 rounds of Cisplatin/Gemzar prior to rads and then 2 of 3 rounds of Cisplatin during rads (didn't do the 3rd because of low platelets but it was on the menu). Generally when rads are done treatment is done. It's actually rather abrupt; daily attention from every nurse and doctor for 7 weeks straight and then none at all.
I'm curious. Are you receiving treatment at a major center and did you get second and third opinions prior to treatment? It's never too late to get 2nd and 3rd opinions. Congratulations on making it through rads. It feels good to be done with that doesn't it. A speedy recovery to you,


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I didn't get a second opinion. The research I did on NPC confirmed that radiation and chemo were the first choice of treatment. I went to the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, PA, which is ranked as one of the best treatment centers in the country. So, I am comfortable with the team of doctors. It's just that I didn't see anyone else with NPC on here saying anything about that second round.

Yeah, I was wondering too, since they said I wouldn't even have a PET or CT scan for 8 weeks to allow for the swelling and everything to go down and get a more accurate reading. So, I'll have to talk to my chemo doctor about this when I go back to him. Of course, I don't want to do more chemo.

And yes, there was no better feeling than finishing that last radiation treatment.

Thanks for replying.

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