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Can't get Dental Implants Need Denture Solution

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I had a complete maxillectomy to remove a plasmacytoma in my left maxillary sinus. They removed the roof of my mouth and reconstructed using my fibula and rib bone. I completed radiation treatments which make post radiation surgery risky. I have no bone in the top of my mouth that will support dental implants. They had to remove all of my top teeth to the left of my front 2 teeth. I have not found a dentist that can create any sort of denture for me because there is no place to secure the dentures. Has anyone had a similar issue or know of a great dentist that makes dentures? The left side of my cheek is caving in so I would be willing to travel for a consultation.

Thanks so much

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I don't know of any. I would suggest checking with major cancer centers such as M.D. Anderson, Sloan Kettering, John's Hopkins. I have two lower jaw teeth missing because of radiation damage and can not get implants either.

Let us know if you find something.

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Ingrid K
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ljoys suggestion is the same advice I would have given. Most of the major cancer centers have dental oncologists on staff that would have much more experience in treating cancer patients and Iwould start there. Don't know where you live but if near Chicago, you have the Univ of IL- Chicago and Loyola Medical (Cardinal Bernadin Cancer Center). Your regular dentist would not have the experience to treat post Rad patients. Hope you find help.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll post updates when I find a solution.

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Assuming the lower jaw is in place you can get implants on this bone after hyperbaric treatment and the success rate for this is better than the general non cancer population without cancer and without hyperbaric treatment. Now you just have to find someone to install something to chew against on the top jaw. Woman in my group has a titanium jaw bone up there. Someone has a solution for this.

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Send an e-mail to Doctor Mark Chambers at MD Anderson he is there Chief Oncologic Dentistry and Prosthodontics Director. mchamber@mdanderson.org

Wishing you good luck in you search for help

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Hi it seems like we have the same case I had plasmacytoma in my maxilla too and I had maxillectomy back in 2007. DOctors removed the roof of my mouth too. I went to a dentist and he made me an obturator, mine was removable and had a silicone plug to seal the air and make my speech more audible.

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