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Weight gain/loss poll

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I have read that some people gain weight, and other lose weight, during chemo treatments. I started chemo on January 31 of this year, and I am still at the same weight (I need to lose some lbs). I am surprised that I have not gained weight, because on the week that I don't have chemo, I eat like Ms Pacman on fire.

What was your weight gain or loss during chemo, and how did it occur (meaning did you lose/gain 2 lbs a week every week, or lose/gain suddenly after 4 months, or?).

Thanks for the help


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April 2009 when dx with stage 3 cancer 263lbs. Today about 207lbs. But I think some of that was from all of my iliostomy reversal broblems.

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DX 3/25/08....weighed in at 197
radiation and 5fu for 5 weeks......weighed in at 182
surgery June 15th then post op chemo Nov 08-April 09..........weighed in at 227
I now weigh 216 and holding.........

fat man buzz

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I only lost weight after surgery, a nice poundage amount, I was happy, however, as of today after my onc's appointment, alas, I can safely say I found all those pounds and they are back. So I've stayed the same weight through out, since my diagnosis.
The only thing that gone down has been my CEA markers, today I found out, since 3 weeks ago when it was 3.4, that it is down to 2.8, WONDERFUL, I'll take that loss any old day!!!
Winter Marie

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Congratulations on the CEA number!

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Why thank you very much, I'm very happy over it.

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The steroids and chemo really upset my stomach - I've gained some weight, not counting, cause my pants still button, LOL:)

But the chemo keeps me at a steady weight, I'm one of the few who gain weight and not lose it....now when I got to surgery I'm good for 15-20 lbs. lost, 'cause I can't eat too much after surgery....it's a hell of weight loss plan, but I don't recommend it, LOL:)


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Started at 178 pounds in May of 2009 and at lowest, had dropped to 125 pounds after op but still doing FOLFOX.....Now, ten months after chemo ended, I'm at 183 with an ever-expanding midsection.......steve

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Hi Craig,

I am jealous about your pants fitting.

the new shirt I bought to go on TV with in October. DOES NOT BUTTONUP anymore.
that's when I said enough is enough with regard to weight gain.

I have just had salads and fruit all weekend and some kangeroo tonight for dinner.
I'll hop right into my ONC office in 8 hours time.

I agree "its a hell of a weight loss plan" at DX I was 133kg, got down to 99kg after surgery. Now at 113kg, that 14 kg went back around my chest , its also been some muscle regrowth from walking and swimming.


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I'm not giving out any numbers hahahaha

But, previous to dx I lost 45lbs (cancer related - in only 3 months) - wanted to lose about 10lbs before that.
After surgery I was able to put back on 25 and get to just under where I wanted to be.
During chemo I lost about 5 lbs (one week it was almost 10) the week of chemo and then worked my butt off with high calorie, high fat foods to put that 5 lost back on before the next chemo. Talk about yo-yo diets ... only in the opposite direction ... yo-yo to gain. Since stopping chemo 6 weeks ago, I'm still pretty much eating like I was on the chemo off weeks without weight gain, only because I know it works with my hernia and obstruction problems and don't want to rock the boat.

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I didn't do chemo, but before dx I was losing about 5 lbs per month. I was attributing it to portion control, but the doc said no, it was the cancer.

I had lots of prob in the hospital with eating so by the time I was finally done with that 'great food' I had lost about a total of 70 lbs. Good thing I started out on the big side or I would have disappeared all together.

The doc said my appetite and weight would come back with a vengance after surgery, and he was right. At first I gave in to the food cravings, just trying to look like something better than a scarecrow. Now I am having to be more moderate so I don't gain too much back.

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I gained 8 lbs over the past 4 months on chemo. Because I am nautious I eat more. Also because of the bad taste in my mouth Food helps.

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When I was dx'd and started chemo back in 8/07, I weighed about 135. Over the next six months, I went up to about 148. I looked puffy, like I was retaining water. The nurses said it was probably from the steroids, as I had extra steroids along with the benadryl right before each dose of oxaliplatin (since I had an allergic reaction to it). Also, I probably gained from a reduction in exercise. I went from being a busy teacher running here and there, to laying in bed for a couple of hours every afternoon & not being very active at all. Today, I am definitely more active than I was that first year. My weight has stayed up & I was still at 148 prior to starting my recent cleanse and detox. Since I have been watching what I eat more and avoiding the sweets, I am now down to 141, as of this morning. I think my ideal weight would be about 130-132.
The only time during chemo that I lost weight was actually in the first 2-3 chemo cycles, where I lost all sense of taste. Once my taste buds returned to normal, I had no problem with my appetite or eating- in fact, I felt hungrier than usual oftentimes.

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DX'd 3/2009 - Weight 130 (I had lost 10 lbs in the previous 2 months due to the cancer symptoms)

Surgery 3/29 - ileostomy, colon resection
Chemo weekly 4/2009 thru 2/2010

I got down to skeletal 90 lbs during the first 6 months
Once ileostomy reversed, got up to 110-115, enough to get clearance for liver resection

Final Chemo 6/2010
Gained all my wight back and more..I am 20 lbs over now

Lost all my muscle when I lost all that weight and was basically in bed for months....
I am struggling to lose an ounce, even with eating habits in check


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I tend to lose after surgery...25 pounds lost with first liver resection

but I gain with chemo because like others when i am nauseous I eat all the time.....trying to feel better.

I have put the 25 pounds back on and have to be careful

I think after chemo I was exercizing less and just generally more sedentary


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My wife and I had started the Zone Diet just before I got diagnosed cancer for the second time. We started the diet in March and I got diagnosed in June. She has lost 30lbs and I have lost 40lbs.

There were times that I would lose 7-8lbs in two weeks. That was to fast weight loss. I would bulk up on the fruits and breads to gain some weight back. We were both losing consistently 2lbs every two weeks.

My friend put on 7lbs during her 5 months of chemo. She said she was the only one in her support group that gained weight during chemo.

I would bet that weight gain or loss has more to do with some people eat when they are stressed and some people skip meals when they are stressed.

The Zone Diet is a balance of the food groups. There is no limitation to calories, just the balance of calories must be eaten. It also changed our attitude to eating. It is ok to splurge, just not to splurge every day, and the next meal back on the correct ratios. I am a 200lb man and am going to eat more then my wife. This is a balance of food groups and not a calorie counting diet.

Best Always, mike

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Ok, I know this isn't funny... and for anyone who has had weight problems all their life, they do not find gaining weight funny but this was the ultimate in my lifelong battle with the bulge!

I DID lose weight when I was first diagnosed because I was sooooo sick they had warned me that there was a good chance I would not be leaving the hospital. I think I lost about 75 lbs what with the surgery, the peritonitis and the fact I was on TPN for 5 weeks.

Once I got out of the hospital and was told the plan of radiation and 6 months of chemo (which ended up being 8 months of chemo), I sucked it up and told my GP, well... if one has got to look for a silver lining, the silver lining for me is I'll probably lose more weight while on chemo... so I am now on the Ultimate Diet Plan of my life :) Of course, both he and my oncologist said that neither of them wanted me to lose weight while on chemo.

So I told my GP he wasn't allowed to pull that one on me! He has been on my case to lose weight since I was 20 years old... now I get a situation where I'm going to lose and he says he doesn't want me to?? Hahaha.. not likely!!

Well, I guess he didn't have to worry. Not only did I NOT lose weight through chemo and radiation... I friggin' gained everything back and then some!! Who do I sue for this misleading diet plan???

So, I pulled a hissy fit in his office and told him I don't want him to EVER EVER mention the need for me to lose weight again... EVAH!! If I can't lose on the Ultimate Chemo Diet Plan, then I certainly won't be losing counting calories :D


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After my radiation/chemo and then 2 surgeries I had lost about 15 lbs, but since I started Folfox and went through 6 treatments I gained 10!!!....Now with the change to Folfiri, my nausea and weird appitite might again go awry....so ugh...whatever...I guess I will go with the roller coaster.


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I've gained. I'm on chemo every other week. I tend to loose about 3 lbs the first week, then put it back on before the next round of chemo. Only I must be putting a wee bit more on each time! I'm about 10 lbs over where I'd like to be --and up about 5 lbs since I started chemo. My oncologist is not complaining -- he likes those extra 5 lbs, for safety! I think the main problem, for me, is that I am not exercising like I used to. I used to exercise 4-5 times a week, fairly vigorously. Now, its yoga once a week, gym maybe once or twice a week but not so vigorously. That's what I need to increase. Not so much because I want to loose weight (although it WOULD be nice to be able to zip up those jeans!), but because I want to stay strong -- "stamina" is my new mantra.


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Lost weight post-op and during IP chemo (35 pounds). Loved my new wt (128). After systemic, I gained it all back and more. At one point, eating less than before, I was gaining almost 4 pound/week (for about 12 weeks). Now I'm stable, but having a rough time losing it. I've been told Folfox mucked up my metabolism.

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