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Please pray !

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Hi everyone,
really need some support and prayers again! My daughter-in-law is Japanese and her parents live in Japan where the earthquake was. They are safe but have no water, electricity and have alot of damage in their home. I feel so sorry for my daughter-in-law cause she's so scared and wishes she could be there.

Also found out that my brother who lives up north about 2 hours from me had another seizure this morning. So need prayers for him too.

I don't need all this stress right now and have just been waiting for March 25th to come and go since this is the 1st anniversary of my husbands death.
I've been doing so good, but seems like I"m falling apart again. So hope all of you guys can give me the support that I really need right now.
Thanks alot!! 'carole'

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luz del lago
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Some days it seems when it rains, it pours! I pray that your daughter-in-law's family gets help and support.

May your brother be alright, soon. And may you be given some peace in these days.

Take care dear one,


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Carole, I am sending you and your family many prayers and thoughts. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know. As many before have said, I wish we all lived close so we could better support each other.

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I send you love and light, my friend, from my heart to yours — to love you, to protect you, to guide you, to heal you, to cherish you, to comfort you. God bless you, my friend. You are beautiful and you are loved.

lovingwife to Bob, stage 3 melanoma

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Hello 3mana you likely saw my post about my missing daughter during the tsunami and found through the Red Cross having been evacuated so you know I understand how events affect people here on the site. It was the worst two days of my life with Steve terminal with stage IV lung and brain mets and my only child missing.

My very special thoughts to you and your Japanese family and I pray for a happy outcome. My daughter has yet to be in touch personally since she was on a remote atoll but knowing she is alive is enough for me and Steve to feel some relief from the stress of it all.

Prayers for your brother too.


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I had answered when you posted about your daughter. I'm so glad she's safe. Guess about the only way to communicate now is with e-mail. My daughter-in-law has been in contact with her parents every day. Sunday they were on skype and her mom & dad could see them but guess the camera on theirs wasn't working so they couldn't see my daughter-in-law, son or grandson. At least they are safe. I guess they have electricity for a few hours, then it gets shut off. I think they are trying to conserve energy. Not sure if they have heat cause it's been cold there also I hear. Seems like everyday there's something new that happens.
How is Steve doing?? Hope you're doing okay too. this is way too much stress, right?
Take care! Forgot to tell you that my husband used to go to England twice a year for work for over 10 years. I went there with him twice and loved it. Even got to see the Queen Mother when we were at Wisley Gardens once. she only came there once a year and we were lucky to see her. Carole

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Hi Carole!

my daughter managed to email to say they would be out of contact again for the next week on the remote atoll where she is diving so I know to just keep in the zone :-)

Steve finally began radiation for pain at the primary tumor site today-its taken weeks to get them to listen but today was a good day-yay! day 1 of fifteen so fingers crossed and yes its way too much stress all at one time. Today I could barely keep eyes open now I finally ran out of adrenaline.zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I know Wisley very very well- I am a member of the RHS and it is the headquarters-it is also where I met Steve several years ago:-) (he is from Texas where we live now close to the Big D) we used to have an annual revisit so its a place very close to our hearts :-) My daughter who went *missing* still lives close by there.

best wishes bday girl :-)


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Tina Blondek
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Dearest Carole
May God grant you the strength to overcome these recent obstacles in your life. May he give you the peace you will need at these most difficult times. March 25th will mark the 1st Anniversary in Heaven for your husband, just like my dad. Together they will continue to rest in peace. Lean on our Lord.
Tina in Va

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Maybe your dad & Tom have met and become friends like we have. I can't believe a year has passed. Tom always loved spring and in the morning when the birds are singing, I think of him. The day of his funeral last year the weather was really warm and beautiful.
Take care Tina! Friends, Carole

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