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dry cough after surgery

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My husband had his esophagus removed on Feb. 23 by Dr. Luketich at the University of Pittsburgh. I must thank Bill and Loretta Marshall for directing me to this wonderful doctor! The surgery went very well. My husband was in the hospital for 5 days and then he recuperated at Shadyside Family House in Pittsburgh for 10 days. The Family House is a wonderful place. We flew home to Florida yesterday. My husband feels pretty good. He has lost a lot of weight, but he is eating and I hope he'll regain the weight in time. At the moment, his only complaint is a nagging, dry cough which he has had since the surgery. I'm not sure what to think about it.

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I have had a dry cough ever since my esophajectomy in 2006. Seems to be part of it, although I'd certainly ask about it.

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Glad to hear your husband surgery went well.

As far as the cought, I have one too. Not all the time. I think mine is comes from the acid in my stomach and their fumes are now so close to the back of my throat it makes me cough.

My brother who had the same surgery two months after me, says he when he eat he knows it time to stop cause he start coughing.

God bless your both.


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I had a dry cough for about three months after my esophagectomy. It seemed to get better on its own about four months out. I have seen other esopagectomy patients describe the same issue so apparently it is very common.

Glad everything else is going well.

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I also had the hacking cough at times. when I did this I couldn't seem to get a good breath, so I would sit with the air conditioner fan blowing right in my face. it would help some. I don't know how long it lasted, but it did go away,

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Thanks for all the comments about dry coughs after surgery. We'll keep an eye on it and contact Dr. Luketich's office if it gets worse to see if a dilation is in order. Santo is taking Protonix so I don't think it's from acid reflux,but I suppose it could be.

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Me too. I experienced this cough after surgery. Dr. said it is normal since Lungs are expanding.

Hope you the best. ☺

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I still have a dry cough 2 1/2 years later. I just started taking prevacid 2 times per day and it seems to help.


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