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Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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Well today is the first birthday that I'm celebrating without Tom. But I am wearing the diamond earrings & beautiful celery green top he bought me last year. Had a nice morning down at my Village coffee shop. I baked a sour cream coffee cake, everyone sang & I got lots of hugs. Helps alot to know you're loved. Just got a beautiful flower arrangement from my sister & brother-in-law who are down at their home in florida. Cheers me up a little!!! Tonite my daughter is taking me out to eat and later my one son will come over with my 2 grandsons. My other son will stop on the weekend, so that's something to look forward too. Later tonite, I'll have a glass of wine and remember all the happy birthdays I had with my love. Thanks for listening! Carole

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luz del lago
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Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful life!


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Sounds like a lovely day you have planned.


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Happy Birthday Carole! It sounds like you did OK so far with having this be the first birthday without Tom. I hope the rest of your night went as well as your day went so far.

My birthday is the 21st and that will be the first one since Mike passed away a little over 6 weeks ago. I hope I fair as well as you are doing. Have a good night and take care. And I do believe that Tom is there with you and watching out for you.

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Family and friends are what get us through these firsts. Hugs, Fay

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Carole -

I hope you had an amazing birthday, Tom would have wanted that!!

Enjoy it through the weekend, you deserve it!


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Glad you found some "cheerful" moments on your special day. No doubt you have many people that love and support you!

My birthday is today.. First one without my dad. So...I understand a little bit what you are going through. Not having my dad call and say "happy birthday" for the first time is hard. I keep thinking I'll hear is voice again in a day or so. Have thought that for the past 3 1/2 weeks. But no...it's just silent. The void and complete silence is at times overwhelming. But then I think of all the wonderful friends and family that love me and have shown their support, and it does bring a smile to my face and makes the pain subside for a bit. And I know that my dad is wishing me a "happy birthday" from up above.

Remember...the "happy" birthday memories you had with your love will always be with you!!:)


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I hope you had a good one- mine was last week and I was so thrilled that Steve with his dementia problems actually remembered it was that day- (though I am glad he did not remember how many!!)

Sounds like you are having a busy time and making the most of it- go girl!


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