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dr appointments

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Just wondered how often is normal to see the oncologist. Husband has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver. Over the last 16 months he has had numerous hospital visits due to chemo complications, has had 2 colon operations, lesions burned from the liver, and is on his second round of chemo. But for some reason they are not scheduling him for dr visits,
just chemo treatments and blood work. When he was taking chemo the first round early 2010,
he saw his oncologist the day before every chemo visit. He asked the chemo lab, but they
didn't have an answer. Is there a certain point the chemo lab just takes over and he doesn't see the doctor? I don't know if I should call and ask the dr to see him, he seems to be handling chemo ok right now. Even after so many months of this roller coaster, we
still do not know how everything works or what to expect.

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My husband has rectal cancer stage III, first saw onc on Dec 15th last saw him Feb 22nd after he finished radiation/chemo, I know we saw him at least 2 other times in between.
If you feel you need to see the dr make an appt just to ask questions. My husband onc was very good about not wanting him to fall between the cracks on his dr appts, he said it happens.

Good luck

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My hubby has Stage IV colorectal cancer since 3/09. Once we started chemo we saw the onc at least every 6 weeks when he was doing well, when he showed progression, once a month. He is now on his second line of chemo, and we see the doc once a month.

Give the onc's office a call, they will check with the doc and let you know. If he is doing fairly well I would think once every 4 to 6 weeks is pretty standard. My hubby did not have onc visits each time he got chemo although there must be an oncologist in the office when chemo is administered, he doesnt' visit with them.

Take care and good luck - Tina

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My wife is stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver also. We see the oncologist every 6 weeks when things are calm, sooner when they arent.

Call and make an appointment.


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Thanks, then this must be the norm. He use to go every two weeks, between treatments, but
he had a lot of complications then. Right now he seems to be stable and handling the
treatments better. So I guess that is why he doesn't see the oncologist as often.
This roller coaster is really something to deal with, never know what tomorrow brings.

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