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Out of hospital again

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I had a very unpleasant and freakish overdose of fentynal. They gave me a patch to wear for three days. I put it on and things were fine and it seemed to work well. When I got out of the hospital I went home and took a nap. I have a habit of napping in front of a space heater. Well, After about two hours of napping I woke up in a terrible state. The patch is heat sensitive and I got three days worth of fentynal in one dose. I checked back into the hospital. I had the worst few days of my life then. I'm home now. I have surgery scheduled for next week. They are going to insert a camera into my plural efusion and see whats going on, they're then going to drain it and then seal it up. That should get my lungs functioning better. I still have the clots in my right lung but they weren't as damaging as first thought. I'm on blood thinners but it's tricky when surgery is needed. Hopefully I can get off thinners in a few months. I still have the severe pain in my pancreas that is making my life miserable. It's a difficult existence when lying down causes more discomfort than standing or sitting. Well, that's how I am and have been for the last few weeks. I really thought I was done for last month. But there maybe a bounce back left in me. We'll see!

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There is more than one bounce in you! You are an amazing individaul! I am sorry for all you have been through. The patch incident must have scary. I am glad you are home and I hope the pain gets under control. Thanks for checking in with us.

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hi john,

here is hoping mate!!!
"maybe a bounce back left in me."
I still believe in miracles for myself and all of us.
I just hope this next bounce is a big one.

the overdose story was scary, we are lucky to have your company.
I hope yor little son is going well.

I went to ash wednesday at my kids school this morning. Its was touching and confronting as well.

Travel well my friend and I hope you have enough beauty around you to help make the pain
more manageable.

hugs and prayers,


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Hi John,

I'm glad to hear from you, as I had been wondering. Wow- scary and important for everyone to know that the Fentanyl patch is heat sensitive. I wonder if patches for other drugs also might be heat sensitive? Hmmm worth asking onc about anytime one is ever needed.

John, you are like Tigger- you have a LOT of bounce in you, lol!!
I think you'll be bouncing back through this ordeal too.
You take care of yourself! Let us know right before you go in for your surgery, as to exact date, etc. We worry when we don't hear from you.

Hugs, (but not too hard- wouldn't want to hurt you, lol)

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Sorry to hear about the patch problem. Is there any warning on the packaging about this issue? Seems like that is a pretty serious thing to watch out for.

Glad you were able to get to the hospital and get it taken care of.

Also glad to hear that your docs have got a plan for you and that you are feeling much more positive about the possibilities.

We are all here cheering you on.


Marie who loves kitties

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I am glad you r doing better, i was worried, nothing like being home Take care


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Sorry to hear of your complications. I hope you and your family are doing well now that you are back together. I sure your son must have missed you while you were in the hospital.

Take care,


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I was thinking the same as Lisa. You really have as many bounces as Tigger. Hopefully you're not the only one.

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and welcome home, John. Hope you are feeling even better soon.

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Hi there, I'm new to this board, diagnosed Stage 1V. Had surgery in December. I too had blood clots in my lungs, actually that's what prompted me to go to hospital (couldn't catch my breath after going up the stairs) in the first place when they discovered the cause of the blood clots was the tumor. I had to wait for my colon surgery for 23 days because of the concerns of the blood clots. They ended up putting a filter in my vena cava to catch any blood clots that may arise while off the blood thinners. Was taken off the blood thinner approx. 5-6 hours prior to surgery and went back on the blood thinners (Lovenox) the day after surgery on the bowel. The filter was removed few days later. They feed it up your groin. My clots originated in the calf of my leg. Not sure where your's originated from.

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He keeps going, and going, and going, and going......keep up the good work John, you will get through this, you will get through this.............love to you and yours......Clift

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I'm sure of it hang in there my friend. Semper Fi Tom

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Very glad your out of hospital.


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