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6 Month report

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Joined: Mar 2010

Six months out from Open RP and just got back from Urologist follow up.

PSA is <0.01. Yeah!

He did a DRE which surprised me.

Incontinence is minimal (wearing a pad for just in case of a drip or two during the day or a major gut buster laugh).

Been using Vaigra and it helps keep up about a 40%er with the some flushing in the face and nasal congestion. Dr. gave me Cialis samples - we shall see if that is any better (probably not, just a longer half-life - 36hrs vs. 4)

Anyway, I am feeling blessed and glad that the PCa beast seems at bay.

Now helping a neighbor who just got diagnosed.

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Great news, congratulations. You don't know me but you have responded to some of my questions, givinlg me hope and relief. Your responses to others have always been thoughtful and sincere. Thanks and here's hoping your next PSA will be as great as this one. Celebrate !!

Did you do anything special ie diet, exercise, etc. to support you PSA results ?

I've read that DRE is recommended because any remaining prostate bed may have cell grow. This was suggested by Dr. Charles "Snuffy' Meyers.

Helping others is "paying it forward". Keep up the good work.

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Funny you should ask about diet... My wife started Weight Watchers for herself late last year. Of course, that means I am doing the WW too! Actually, we've always eaten pretty well. Maybe a little more fruit and less fried stuff these days.

I've also continued a regular workout schedule of mostly just plain walking and strength training 5-6 days per week. When warmer weather gets here (in Chicago), I will start playing golf again and I like to walk then too. You know, golf is a good walked spoiled!

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Super news. Wishing you many more <.01s and continued progress with your recovery.


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I wish you a continuous success and good recovery from your treatment. Six months will duplicate in many more with PSAs in the ZEROs on its lead.
It has been long since I read about guys from my group of “Open RP”. According to latest published data to predict 15-year disease specific survival in men undergoing radical prostatectomy, only 3 of 9,557 patients (0.03 percent) actually died of prostate cancer post-surgery.

Take care.

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Congrats on your first milestone of 6 months! Wishing you many, many more!


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Great news, Charlie. I hope everything continues in the positive fashion you've seen so far.

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Congrats on your Zero! You are now an official member of the Zero Club :-).
May you have many more zeros.

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Every milestone puts the beast a little farther in your rear-view mirror. Wishing you many many more successful milestones!

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