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Finally I can start my Cyberknife treatments!

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Finally, after so many delays due to complications from seed marker placement. I will be starting my CK treatments in the morning. This process started for me on January 3, 2011. The antibiotics did not do their job when the markers were implanted and I became septic and positive for E-coli. After two hospital episodes the bacteria was finally cleaned up! I just wanted to share the good news with all of you that have provided support and shared all of your knowledge and experiences with me! Will keep all posted on the process and the results as they are updated. Thanks again to all for sharing and caring so much!

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My thoughts are with you today as you start the CyberKnife process. I truly hope all the speed bumps are now in the rear view mirror. Let us know how it works for you.



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Glad to hear that you're finally going to receive treatment. Best wishes!

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I hope for your successful treatment.
Please let us know about details along the treatment. I would suggest you to have a PSA, PAP and Testosterone test before RT. These will help you in later diagnosis.

The best to you

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I was just released from the hospital yesterday. I could not give a urine sample at the doctors office and started shaking with chills. Ambulance took me to hospital where I was told I was septic with e-coli. I had the fiducials implanted 10 days prior. Although I took Cipro before, during and after, that was not enough. I had the same experience after the biopsy 2 months ago. I'm now on Keflex hoping that will clear up the bacteria so that I too can begin my CK. Although the CK people never heard of anyone having these reactions, we now know two who have had this experience.

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Sorry for the problems you experienced.

As we all know, the risk of infection exists anytime you receive a transrectal biopsy or fiducial placement. It's obviously not a germ free way to access the prostate but there apparently isn't any better way to do it. Not sure if better sterilization techniques would have made any difference and it's basically a "crap shoot" (pun intended) whether you get an infection on not.

Lucky for me, I didn't get any adverse reaction after my biospy or fiducial placement. I took Cipro 3 days after each procedure. Not that it will help, but anyone who is planning to get either procedure should definitely speak w/the physician about the potential for infection and what steps they've taken to sterilize the equipment.

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