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I know we will be together again!

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luz del lago
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You know when a great friend or loved one has come for a visit? And you have a wonderful time? You cook and have drinks, talk about the old times, laugh and cry together? And then it is time for them to go back home? Maybe you take them to the airport, or just help them pack their car. And then you kiss and hug and say goodbye. You thank them for coming and wish them a safe journey?

And when the plane takes off or the car pulls away, this melancholy feeling comes over you. For a few hours or a few days you continue to feel that emptiness of their departure. But after a while you smile and know that you will see them again. And so you go back to your daily routine and go about living your life.

Today, as I was having my coffee, I thought about this. Having lost our loved ones, is similar to this. I know, I know, in our human hearts it feels that we will never see them again. And that if we do, it will be a very long time from now. But in the "big scheme" of life, one year of our earthly time, is but a split second.

I think I am going to try to envision and embrace this concept for myself. Maybe I will begin to feel less melancholy as the days pass, maybe. We'll see. I'll try it for today. Will let you all know how it works.

A blessed day to all,


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I like this, Lucy. Thanks. I have a strong faith in the here after, but you're right. In my natural mind, the time until I see Mike or my mom again seems like forever. If this will ease that melancholy feeling, I'm all for it.

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I like what you are saying Lucy and will try to think like this too. I also have a strong faith, and yet this thought escaped me. Thanks and please keep posting your ideas/thoughts.

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tanker sgv
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I have my own view on religion, more similar to Indian beliefs. With that said I do believe our spirits live on. And hey, if someone doesn't believe that there is a" higher power " tell em to stick a fork in a light socket. I garenttee it will be a shocking experience for them.what I'm trying to say is that our lost loved ones will always be with us in mind (they will always be in our thoughts), body(we often pick up mannerisms of people we love) and soul (they are the feelings within that words cannot describe, be it happy or sad ). So u r right about the moment they leave our sight. Here's an excerpt from a poem I wrote " ...so close your eyes and look with your heart, can u see me I am right here, standing beside you, I am the rissing sun shining my light upon u, I am the moon watching over you as you sleep, I never left!" Our eyes only see physical objects, sometimes we must close them to truely see the beauty that lies beyond.

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I have to say, tanker sgv, this brought tears to my eyes. And yet, I also felt my husband Mike standing next to me as I read this out loud. Thank you and please take care.

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tanker sgv
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Joined: Nov 2010

The whole poem is on my expressions page. I'm glad it helped you as I still read it often for strength in feelings of lonleyness

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I so admire your faith. It must be a huge comfort to you. I have lost so much since my husband has passed and my faith is one of those things. Don't know how to reconcile our tremendous lost with a good and loving God. So much suffering. Just can't wrap my heaad around this. Guess I'm just ranting again.

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This made me think of my last time with my sister. She died Feb 25th and it was on Feb 23 hosice told us not to give her any food or liquid because of her vomiting, just keep her lips and mouth moistened. It really hit me at that moment that our time was very short with her. As I sat by her bed holding her hand I was tearing up and she woke up and looked at me, I told her everything would be ok and we'd be together again. She just gave me the sweetest smile, twice!!!

The last few weeks I've had the horrible images of how she suffered but I really need to remember her last smile to me and that we will be together again. I've even forgotten the call at work and being told that she had passed and I was racing up to the house, the song "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me came on the radio. In my mind I pictured my sister meeting Jesus and being happy. It might have been a coincidence but at that moment it gave me strength and comfort and I like to think it was the Lords way of comforting me.

God Bless

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When I read your post, I had tears in my eyes. I feel the same when my kids leave to go home and they're all only within 20 minutes or less away. Especially on days like today. We live in a Village and have things going on all weekend down there. Went down last night and saw people I hadn't seen in a year cause last year I never went to anything cause I had just lost Tom in March. Seemed weird, especially when I saw someone he used to work with. It seems as though that's when the memories hit and I get sad cause he's not here with me. We are going down a lonesome road, but guess we'll make it right?
Have a good 4th Lucy! Hang in there & just think of happy things, okay?
Friends, Carole

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