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Found out stages now treatment has begun

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I love my husbands doctors no matter what they are positive and sure of what they can do. This makes us feel like they can do anything and we will give it a good try. I asked what stage my husbands cancer was in and was told stage 3 possibly 4 on his lung cancer. We were told it can't be cured but they are going to try to control it. He started his chemo last week and yesterday was the second round. It takes close to 5 hours each Monday as they won't mix the chemicals until we arrive and they only mix one at a time. The first one takes about 2 hours to use up and the second one 1 and 1/2 hours. Then right from there it's over to radiation which only takes about 15 mins.
My husband has gone from 147 to 123 pounds and this worries me deeply. Last week he weighed 125 so he dropped another 2 pounds in one week. I'm giving him Ensure between meals and he seems to be eating more then previously but still not that much. I'm also giving him a protein shake in the evening with banana, blue berries, sugar free ice cream, water and protein powder.
The other thing that worries me is he is losing his balance and falling. He takes one sleeping pill so he can sleep but only sleeps about 4 hours at the most each night.
The chemo meds are Paclitaxel and carboplatin and the first 3 days after chemo he takes 3 Zofren pills for nausea.
It doesn't look too good but we have hope and a huge network of family and friends praying for him.

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your husbands case sounds very similar to mine. Stage 3. 4 rounds of chemo 35 radiations.Went from 140 lbs down to 120.ended treatment about 1 year ago.weight is back to 155 tumor has disappeared and follow up ct scans have been clear so far.A positive attitude also does wonders good luck to you and your husband. dave

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I also went through this same treatment your husband is on from June thru August 2008. I only lost about 20 pounds went from 162 to 140 mostly from radiation that burnt esophagus my radiation DR. had me drinking kid type sugar drinks, i couldn't drink pop are coffee. My weight is back to 162 and doing very well, i go tomorrow morningfor my 3 month follow up .... chest x-rays and blood work and see Onco man in the afternoon (fingers crossed). I don't believe sugar feeds cancer and right now i would give husband regular ice cream in his shakes and any other high protien foods are drinks...... Best wishses to your husband and you .... You can win this fight...... Dan

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Yes, anything that adds calories. Have you tried cheesecake? That's loaded with calories and is soooo good.
Good Luck!

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Thank you all. Your replies really give my husband and me help. I think I forgot to mention that he is also diabetic so that's why we are trying to stay away from sugar. He gets chemo every Monday morning followed by radiation and when these are finished he is feeling really good but by Thursday or Friday he is exhausted and sleeping almost all day. Today he says he can hear his own breathing and it sounds raspy, his throat is a little sore, and one ear seems plugged up. Did anyone have this?
Again thanks for all the good words and support we appreciate it so much.


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Usually when someone is doing chemo the doctors will tell them to eat anything that sounds good and to forget about balanced nutrition and what is "healthy". The calories are what counts. But if your husband is a diabetic it is probably more complicated than that. Your oncologist should be able to refer you to a specialist that can help with figuring out how to slow or stop the weight loss without causing diabetic problems. Good luck!

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