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Well many on this board all liked the Turmeric so much, you may wish to Google Melatonin. I took this years ago for sleep when I was traveling a lot but more recent studies have found some very positive effects, including it increasing the efficacy of both Chemo & Rads for cancer patients. I recently added it to my list of stuff I take (only at night).

Here is one good article:


or go to :http://www.lef.org/ <<<<< and type in 'Melatonin cancer' in the search window, then go to LE Magazine.


Melatonin and Hormonal Therapy
Melatonin levels in cancer patients have been correlated with tumor aggressiveness and progression.90,91 A high percentage of women with estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer have low plasma melatonin levels.92 Conversely, melatonin inhibits human breast cancer cell growth45 and reduces tumor spread and invasiveness in vitro.48 Indeed, it has been suggested that melatonin acts as a naturally occurring anti-estrogen on tumor cells, as it down-regulates hormones responsible for the growth of hormone-dependent mammary tumors


There appears to be no contraindications nor side effects. It is also a naturally occurring substance so cannot be patented. Why this stuff is not given to all of us going through treatment is frustrating to say the least. I figure the more obstacles you can throw in the path of Cancer, the better. Melatonin looks like another good stick in the spokes of the cancer wheel.

Regds to all.


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