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mass-like upper left lobe

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Hi, I am New Here My Name is Steven
and I am Married and live in Tampa, Florida.

After getting a examm and my doctor finding abnormal chest-xray he ordered a CT. chest with contrast, well the final report came back 2/3/11 Withoput going on with the whole report I just give you the IMPRESSION: Mulitple spiculated masses or mass-like densities of left upper lobe with parenchymal consolidation of acute versus chronic nature high at the apex. This density is not significanly changed since January,4,2011 suggesting a chronic finding. Findings could reflect post inflammatory scar-like densities from granulomatous disease or tuberculouis. Underlying malignancy is definitely not excluded. Mild mediastinal adenopathy is also present in this patient with Underlying emphsema. Givin the above findings; PET correlation is recommended to assess for possibility of malignancy. Dr. David Babin,M.D./dls


IMPRESSION: Although the CT. features for the plaque-like mass in the left lung with spiculated satellite nodularity may suggest chronic changes by CT; the mass demonstrates metabolic activity with SUV compatible with metabolically active malignancy. Nodular satellite areas, at lease one of which demonstrates SUV values above 2.5, supicious for sites of malignancy. The other areas of nodularity too small to charcterize but certainly also supicious for malignancy. No findings of matastasis in the chest, abdomen, or palvis. Dr. paul Swartz MD/aap. Attending Dr. Nelson, Gomez. MD/Palm. Needle CT Lung Biopsy Recommended. Today March, 07,2011 I had a Left Lung Needle Biopsy Done. I am very scared what will come back. Having lung Cancer is a real good chance. Thank You.

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Hello, Sorry you had to find us. I hope your results will just show inflamation and not a malignancy. If it is a malignancy there are many treatments available. I was staged at 1ANOMO and had VATS to remove the lower right lobe, and no other treatment with an 85% cure rate. I had a 7mm nodule and 3 months later I was rescanned and it grew to 11mm so it was decided it needed to be taken out. The suv was at 2.1. 2.5 and below is considered normally. So the suv is not a really good indicator, because an infection can have a high suv also. I hope your results are just an infection. Keep us posted. Lori

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Hi United,
My name is Joe and let me first tell you i hope that this is due to tb or other inflammatory processes. I was also found to a solid pulmonary nodule on dec 10, 2010. After ct scan, i had a biospsy and pet scan which showed adenocarcinoma. I underwent a vats left upper lobectomy on Jan 18th. I was staged at 1b. I am not doing 16 weeks of chemotherapy because the tumor was touching the elastic sack around ones lungs. I am doing very well and hope to have a complete recovery. I wish the best for you regardless of diagnosis.

Joe P

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Yes it is a very scary diagnosis but is not necessariy a death sentence either which is where we allgo to in our mind initially. The pet scan findings seem to be in your favor in regards to matastasis..there are many of us who have had nodules/tumors removed and I am praying the biopsy results will come back soon so a course of treatment can be determined..the anxiety of not knowing was killing me mentally so don't hesitate to reach out to others for support!

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