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Hi. My ex - husband was just diagnosed with myelofibrosis this week. He was hospitalized in January for anemia and heart related issues. At that time, his hemoglobin was 7, he received 5 pints of blood in the hospital. We just went to the hematologist this past week where he was given this diagnosis. New blood tests revealed his hemoglobin to be 7.3, red blood cell count to be 2.7. His white count was high, his spleen is very large, liver enlarged, he has lost about 30 pounds in the past few years. He doesn't go to doctors for regular checkups, so who knows how long this has been going on.

Does anyone know what to expect from here? We just don't know and have just started this process. He is 57, smokes and looks sick. We have 3 teenage children. Is he eligible for ss disability, he has been unemployed since summer time, but I don't think he can work. He has trouble walking and falls asleep when he sits down for any length of time.

His EKG was also abnormal in the hospital, had a heart cath which revealed 40% blockage and also had a stint put in. I am taking care of him as his extended family live out of state and just don't know what to do next. He is going back to hematologist tomorrow for more tests.

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