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Battling Thyroid Nodules

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Hi everyone. I am new to this site, so please be patient. In November, 2009 I was diagnosed with multi nodular thyroid by ultrasound. Had an FNA - benign. Repeat six months ultra sound, nodule grew somewhat, repeat FNA nodule - benign. Recently in February had another ultrasound, showed nodule had grown significantly. Dr. is very adamant about surgery. Is he suspicious of this nodule? What are my chances that it won't be cancerous? Did I wait too long to do the surgery? Please let me know your thoughts. I am very frightened. Lost my mother recently to this dreaded disease.

Thank you.

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but the percentage of thyroid nodules that are malignant is small (I think 5 or so percent). Also, even if it is malignant, your docs are likely catching it earlier that some experience because you have been in a monitoring mode. The earlier it's caught, the better as there is generally less chance for spread. It sounds like your docs are giving you sound recommendations. If a nodule starts to take off and grow, I'd think you'd want that out. I don't think anyone can say that you waited too long. There's really no way of determining. It sounds as though you've been diligent with your care and monitoring of this nodule. Can't imagine there is more a person can do. Of course, it's human nature to be frightened but one thing at a time, one day at a time.

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Thank you so much for your input. I feel much more relieved. Bless you.

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Hi jbmlmm60,
I agree with alapah. Here are the buts of your story. If you have a family history of Thyroid cancer and the node is growing you may want to have it removed anyway or at least the half with the node. Then they can biopsy the entire node. If they find cancer, they can go back and take the other half. Sometime FNA biopsies can miss the cancer. The statics are that 90% of them are not cancer. Given your family history however, I would go with the side of caution. But, it sounds like you and your doctors have a handle on this. Get another opinion if you feel that something else should be done.

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Blessings to you too Julie-SunnyAZ. Thanks for your comments.

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Again I hate it when doctors dont give you enough information
Any idea how much it has grown?
Is it a hot or cold node?
I don't think you waited too long but if the doc wants it out I think I would agree with him.

Eithor way if they take out 1/2 your thyroid and find it was not cancer then at least you know and you may or may not need to take thyroid replacement.

but if it is cancer they will probably take the rest of the thyroid and then its out and you will have to take a pill a day for your thyroid replacement.

Since you lost your mother to cancer it probaly makes the Doc suspect a higher chance that it might be but that dosn't mean it is. Now if your mother had thyroid cancer than agian it is more likely but not certan.

again talk to your doctor and ask him why he wants it out and explain it to you fully ask him to explain your labs and the ultrasound... but if he wants it out as I said I would say take it.

good luck keep us informed


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I will keep you all informed. In the meantime, thanks so much for your feedback. Feeling more relieved.

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Hi bjmlmm60,

I had the FNA in 8/09 and it came back beign also I had a nodule that was pressing making it had to swallow and felt like I was choking so I was put on meds to try and reduce the size, then it was 2.2cm. Went back to the doctor 3/10 did ultrasound and it was now 2.4cm so I elected to remove the right side. Did the surgery on 5/10 frozen biopsy while on operating table showed cancer so they removed the whole thing.

Now I don't know if from the time I first did the FNA to surgery that it became cancerous or if the FNA missed the part that was cancer but if the doctor wants to remove it I would rather be safe than sorry.

Hope this helps and pray that you will do well.


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Hi all, post op for renal cell cancer. No sign of that cancer any more! The drs. At Sloan Kettering head & neck want to do a complete thyroidectomy, or wait and watch! I say wait and watch, only because I'm tired of surgery. Only starting to feel myself. I had 3 years of stenting of the urether, complication from partial nephrtomy. So my left nodule is 46mmx 36mmx , but maybe I can remove only the left side, thanks for the info. Best wishes to all anne

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Alot of time they want to do wait and watch.

in my case if they did i would have probaly shifted to the next stage of thyroid cancer but they caught it in time (we think)

on mine they removed the right side and the goiter (7.1cm) once it came back as cancerous they took out the rest of my thyroid. I am glad I didnt wait.

so yes they can take out only the 1/2 that there is a problem with Anniec, but they will also want your permission to take it all out if they can see while your still in surgery that it is cancerous.

I fully understand what you mean by your tired of surgery I have had 4 surgeries in 1 year time plus RAI treatment. I also have normaly 1-3 dr appointments a week for various reasons.

so i would talk to your doctor about a partial thyroidectomy or wait and watch... again i am glad i didnt wait and watch myself but it has to be your choice.

remember you have to take charge of your medical conditions and let the doctors know what is best for you.

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