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Cancer- the great enabler, a/k/a When bad is good!

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As I review this board this afternoon, I once again feel that cancer has been an indirect gift to me (nope, I haven't lost my marbles quite yet).

* Cancer has given me the will and ability to look something bad straight in the eye and say to hell with you. You have made an unwelcome visit to my body, and I am going to kick you sorry *** out of my house.

* Cancer has made me realize a person can walk into the unknown and come out on the other side a better person.

* Cancer has no soul. It does not care if it is cursed and damned to hell. It does not care if I bemoan the fact that it stopped by for a visit. Sorry cancer, but I had that all figured out when I though you might be coming to visit. Kinda let the air out of your party balloon didn't it?

* Cancer gave me the gift of a better outlook on life. Life is not me, rather it is everyone around me. I like being a gift bearer, whether it be a smile, a sincere hello, a thank you, or helping hand to someone. Life is good, I am here today and pretty darn sure I will be here tomorrow. Just in case, I had best give my best to others I meet and talk to today.

* Cancer has taught me that worry is wasted energy. Worry does not change anything, it just serves to clutter my mind and my day. Yes, cancer may be sneaking back into my life, but I can't help it if it is a slow learner. I will cross any bridges when I get to them, and not before.

* Cancer has given me lots of new friends that I would have never had without it. I have gained lots of brothers and sisters thru the gift of cancer. These friends are black, white, yellow, red and what ever color you may see. There are young, old and in between. There are happy and sad friends, and even one or two grumpy ones. I have new friends all around the world, many whom I have yet to meet, but I know we would get along, because we all have somenthing in common.

* Bad can be good, and it has been good to me. Stupid cancer, it has never figured that out.

Best wishes to everyone, even the grumpy ones.


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I like your views about cancer, and I share many of your thoughts too.

All the best to you in this “bumpy road”.

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Amen ...

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Your always going to cross the finish line dr. I like how you can turn a negative into a positive. People like you are a force for good in everyone you touch. Keep it up.
A survivor

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and we all hope that a positive attitude like yours goes a far way to beat back the evils of CA. I know my attitude was always positive, glass is half full like, but PCa has increased my positivism, and renewed my faith in a pro-active design for life. I may some day come to the point of feeling like a victim, but I just have the hardest time imagining that currently. Thank you for sharing dakotarunner, and all the best to you. You are an inspiration. Bob

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Great positive posts! When PJD was first diagnosed, for support I turned to a close friend whose son, now an adult, was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer when he was a teenager. Her advice to me was "In all this cancer $h1t, you will discover small unexpected gifts along the way." How right she was. It's as if cancer gives us (patient & family) a wake up call to open our heart, soul and mind to people/things we've taken for granted, teaches us not to sweat/stress the small stuff and, changes our perspective about how important it is to live & love each and every day.
mrs pjd

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Thank you for putting into words what I have experienced since my diagnosses and radical prostatactomy. Just the other day I commented to my loving wife that my cancer just might have been a blessing in disguise. I do not wish cancer on anyone, but, it has changed my outlook on life. Every day I take joy in things I had overlooked before and I no longer worry about the things I cannot change. Just being alive is the greatest gift.

My Best Wishes to all and I agree that cancer is stupid to think it could being me down.

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Thank you, DR. I share many of your views. My wife and I are both cancer survivors and we have noticed the difference in our attitude and our outlook on life post cancer. You find you are a lot more tolerant of things that would "set you off" prior to your journey with the cancer beast and winning the battle. You really have a whole new appreciation for even things in life like a beautiful sunset, a mountain stream, the beauty of a rainbow, etc.

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Your comments on cancer hit home and gave me more energy to deal with the unwelcome guest. I also, like many others, have felt the warmth and caring feelings from the group. I have also enjoyed doing random acts of kindness. As it is in giving, that we receive. Today I am a little more emotional than normal and enjoyed your posting! Thanks again to all for listning and responding with words of encouragement!

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I took a while to reply because I teared up every time I read your post. As I see from my fellow posters, this struck a lot of us at our most personal place inside. Thanks for articulating some of the internal changes one goes through during/after a battle with this.

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Very uplifiting...and I share your thoughts...Best to you

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