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update on my fiance...nearing the end

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I want to thank everyone here for the support Ive recieved on here.My fiances fight is already coming to an end.Way sooner then we were expecting.We did everything right but its already time for hospice,I brought him home 4 nights ago.Family and friends have flown in from everywhere!Love surrounds him.Im not sure how it will end.As sensitive as this is any caregivers out there who have gone through this please share,thank you

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I am so terribly sorry...my best friend of 26+ years is nearing the end of her journey also...it's just any hour now....she fought the good fight with this horrible glioblastoma...she has fought it for 28 months...she got more months than most...I think it is because they found it so early...she's 52 with two children...

I pray that God gives us ALL the strength to endure what is to come..
May you find some peace and comfort

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My husband died in June 2010 from a GBM, at home with hospice. My children and I were right near him, holding his hands when he passed. Overall it was a peaceful death. He was on morphine and slowly slipped away from us. My son has asked me where I think he is. If there is a heaven, I know he is there, if not wherever he is is better than where he was that last 4-6 weeks. I am glad you have Hospice...they are wonderful. As long as he is able, talk with him. Even when you think he cannot hear you, keep talking. I am sorry you have to go through this, it sucks. Be strong. You have given him a gift in helping him through this journey.

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My dad passed away June 10th 2007 from stage 4 Lung Cancer . and like you said , he went peacefully. He struggled with his battle for 5 months . It was like someone had hit me in my stomach when the doctor came in and told us that he had stage 4 lung cancer , it was unreal. I didn`t want to beleive it . I was with him everyday from the time he was diagnosed to the time he took his last breath. I know I will see him again.. I love you dad and miss you so much..
Here it is 4 years later and my good friend and neighbor just won his battle with Lung cancer. He had a 25% chance of survival and he won. Today he finds out that the Lung Cancer has spread to his brain , he has memory loss, and his speaking is slurred. I know he can overcome this disease just like he did Lung Cancer. But and am still sad knowing he has to go thru this again...


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