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Update on my brother .....early stage stomach

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HI Everyone,

I haven't been on the site in a very long time....taking care of someone who has stomach cancer is a 24 hours type of job. The advice I received on the board site was so helpful.

My brother had early stage signet ring cells cancer in the stomach found in June of last year. In Aug he underwent a partical gasteromy. It was sucessful. However, my brother had healing and wound complications that were a nightmare experience.

About two weeks after the surgery his wound opened up from the wound pump on the incinsion. His wound dehiesce and the bowels were exposed. He had a huge doctor design wound colostmy over the his entire abdomen. This went on till Feb 1st of this year when my brother had the reconstructive surgery. Finally this week he was able to return home a almost 6 months time in medical care facilities.

I can breathe a sigh a relief.... but I am wondering now ....if the cancer might come back what are the odds that he was cure? When can I feel like he beat this disease 1 yr, 3 yr, 5yrs....etc

Again to all on the board keeping praying and don't give up hope there are so many new things in the medical field.

God Bless All


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Good to hear from you Ellen, and to know your brother is well now.Your brother was fortunate to have been diagnosed early;most stomach cancers are not.With time one learns to live with the disease and the fear of recurrence.For me what put things in perspective was that around the time my 30 year-old son was diagnosed with stomach cancer a very dear nephew (his age)died of a sudden cardiac arrest.Keep hoping for the best and enjoy life!

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Ellen
Thanks for the update on your brother. Glad to read he is finally home and doing better. I would not waste anymore of your time trying to figure out a time line. They are just statistics. Your brother is an individual. Live each day to the fullest. Show him how much you love him. Praise God for letting him find the cancer early, being able to have the surgery, and now being able to come home. You take care of yourself now. And continue to breath that sigh of relief! Time for you all to celebrate his 2nd chance at life!
Tina in Va

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