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What would you say?

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luz del lago
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If I described myself as one that tries to be kind and respectful to others. One that treats others with dignity, and looks for the good in all. That when I see someone in need I give them help, a lift, a kind word, a few bucks. That forgives someone that has hurt or offended me, even if they don't ask for forgiveness. That I am someone that is grateful for all the goodness that is shown to me. That if I am in error or see that I have offended someone, can ask for forgiveness.

That I value family and friends. That I believe we are all here for each other. If I asked you to place a "label" on me, what would it be? Would some say, she must be a Christian. Others may say, she must be Jewish. Or perhaps agnostic? Or even an atheist? Or any of the formal religions that exist? I would hope that most people accept me for the way I am, and not for a "label".

Those of you that have read my posts may know that I say I am a Believer. I do not impose my beliefs on others. I may share an event, idea or thought that has been touched by His grace. In posting such experiences, I am not looking to change anyone. I just wish to share with all of you.

I miss the ideas, issues and sharing that used to appear on this forum. I began to come here a few months ago while my beloved husband was still alive. I visit at times, but only see the "debate" issue still on folks minds. I pray that one day soon it will be the enlightening forum that I came to know.


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The first thing I would do is to think that you are a great person. The last thing I would do would be to apply a religious label on you. If one is nice, they are nice. Religion (in my opinion) has little if anything to do with a person being thoughtful, kind, supportive, etc.

The forum started out great with wonderful thoughts and beliefs being posted. Then it seems people felt they were being picked on and things changed.
Now, here we are...

I hope we can get back to interesting dialog and exchanges of ideas. It would probably be helpful if we all can keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer, nor is there one way to be religious or one way to be spiritual. This should be inclusive not exclusive.

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A few clowns came on and wanted this board to be something it is not, most of them violated the T&C's to the point where they were banished from the board. What has happened is that there are very few new threads, so we are continually rehashing old news.


I would recommend that you give it a little time, things should settle now that most of those who could not understand the rules are gone. It will just take time for those threads to move back a few pages so we are not reminded of the conflict.

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I just went on a full scale campaign for this very subject of sensitiviy and understanding, on another post on this site. Lucy, this post of yours is one of the best I have read on this topic. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings on sensitivity and true understanding for those visiting and participating on this site.

Invaluable stuff Lucy, thank you so much for posting it.



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Thoughtful, sincere & caring, that's the label I'd put on you!!! You have always been a support to me as well as many other people on here. I guess it's hard to please everyone all the time. If someone gets offended, it's just better to suck it up and not say anything.
How have you been doing Lucy? It's almost a year (on the 25th) since I lost my love. My birthday is on thursday the 10th and that will be the last "first" without him. Lately for some reason, I've been having a hard time again. I keep remembering the big hug & kiss he'd give me on my birthday and never knew last year would be my last. I guess we've been adjusting to our new lives since we don't have a choice.
Hope you're doing okay!!! Carole

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luz del lago
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With everyday comes enlightenment. Sometimes it is very deep and emotional. And others is very "practical"! For instance today, I spent the morning going up and down on a ladder. Why? I had to treat the wooden cover of my porch. Why? Because we had just built it when Dennis was diagnosed and had never got to staining or painting it, so it began to grow algae. Today I put the never opened garden sprayer together, made the solution and got to spraying.

For years now, I had taken to the mowing, gardening and painting of our home. I even have my own chain saw to cut large branches and small trees. Dennis worked 10-12 hrs some days, so it was a great diversion for me! Many of our friends would wonder why I did those things and not Dennis. Sometimes I think he didn't like that they would ask. But I would tell him, pay no mind, our life is the way we want to live it.

Sometimes I would ask myself, why am I so into this? Now I think I know. I must have been preparing myself for a time that I did not know was coming. Really, I had no clue that in less than one year, my Beloved would be gone and these things would be needed to be done by me. I'm 5', 112, and a fifty pound sac of deer corn is no problem!

So all those years I thought I just liked learning to build decks, frame a cement pad, run the mower, trim trees, were really for a purpose. Not just for fun, not just to get things done but to teach me something that now I really need to know.

I'm "enlightened" today!

Carole, you will be in my heart and prayers. May your Birthday be a day of enlightenment and renewal for you. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity. On the 25th, may peace surround you and the sorrow begin to feel less intense. Take care, dear one.


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Kindness. You are kind. We sure can use more good people like you in this world, and I don't care what religion they are.

I have never got why people think they have to debate each other. Pushing one's views on another never changed the other person.

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