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I have an appointment to remove my port!

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Joined: Jan 2010

Just got back from the Med. Onc. My scans from last week were clean. I am about 14 months from diagnosis (NPC) and 10 months from the end of radiation. During the first Chemo treatments (about a year ago), I developed bilateral pulmanary embolisms and after a brief hospital stay I have since been on Coumadin. The doc told me I could stop taking that too. Not only for the port removal but for good.

So a good visit...Ned, one less drug to take, and the dang port is comming out.

Thank you again, everyone here. Y'all have been a calming influence and massivly helpful during this trial.

Oh, and I go on my first vacation since diag., next week. Phoenix for spring training baseball, and staying at a hotel/casino. My two passions, Baseball and Blackjack, on one trip. Yippeeeee!

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Congrats...enjoy and have fun.......


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Well, it will be nice to celebrate. Congrats on the milestone! Who do you watch in phoenix or is there a variety of spring training going on?

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Congrats all the way around!!!

Now if you're gambling, my only advice is not to bet on the Cubbies, unless it's for a last place finish (ok, now we'll see how long it takes Kent to call me out here).


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Congrats I was able to get my port taken out in 4months after post treatments.

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Great news almost seemd like mine was the earliest to come out. Ned is also a wonderful thing. Wishes & Prayers for NED always
Greg LOL I wouldn't bet on the Cubs either as a matter of fact I wouldn't bet on any Chicago team

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Good news! Congrats. :)

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Glenna M
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Sounds like you have had nothing but good news!!!

Enjoy your vacation and good luck at the tables.

Stay well,

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D Lewis
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Thanks for sharing the good news! Have a great trip! Heal on!


Kent Cass
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Great to hear this news. Milestone, losing that hardware. Another NPC Survivor reaches a milestone- and that is really great to hear. Bigtime congrats.

Phoenix? CUBS and Sox are both in Arizona, and you might even get to see a fistfight amongst teammates at a CUB game (which might be the only thing they do that's worth the price of admission!). Seriously, there's a great time to be had with the smaller ballpark and new season, along with your winning the big game of your battle with C. Oh yeah- got me a hunch that taking-in the games will really be mega-appreciated this season. Take it all in and enjoy- take one heckuva deep breath at the old ballpark, so to speak- you are alive! YES.



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Great news! A lot of those Indian casinos have single deck blackjack. Easier to count the face cards. Best of luck to you. Have fun and Go Giants!


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