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Prayers are working so Far

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Thank you everyone for the prayers. Today my dad saw the rad oncologist and he was very happy with everything. He checked his weight and did a pretty close exam of his neck, mouth, tongue and eveywhere elese. He sadi everything looks great.

Now keep praying for us as we go through the CT and getting the results next week.


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Glenna M
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Kathy, it sounds like your dad is doing good and I will pray that his scan comes back clean.

Keep thinking positive thoughts and all will be well.

Stay strong,

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Definitely moving in the right direction. Keep us in the loop with every step.

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Prayers for Dad on next weeks CT, you got them on the way

God bless you both

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The feeling of peace that comes with prayers is incredible. I hope your father continues on getting good prognosis.

Kent Cass
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Prayers for your Dad are with him. C met it's match, and then some, when it got in the ring with your Dad! And I gotta hunch old C's gonna think more than twice about a re-match with him. Know it, and



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