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Hi, I normally hang out on the colorectal cancer board, but my cancer has spread to my lungs, so I wanted to share what I found out about cat litters, because I decided to find the best litter to avoid inhaling the dust that all the popular clay clumping litters can cause. I spent about 3 hours researching on the internet, reading all the reviews on a bunch of different litters.

The first litter I tried switching to was "Worlds Best Cat Litter" which is a corn based litter. It was free to try out, because they had a free rebate for the first bag. It was ok for about a week, but after that, the litter box began to smell really bad even after it was scooped out. It still had a little dust, which we didn't like, and the cats didn't seem to like it, but they used it after we sprinkled some of their old brand on top.

The next kind of litter that I researched, but didn't try, was the wheat type of litters. The reason I didn't actually try any of them, was that I found several reviews of the most popular brand of wheat litter, that people said came infested with pantry moths.

The brand that we found, that seems to have no dust, and no odor problems, is a little harder to find in the stores, but it is well worth finding. I got my first couple of bags that cost me $20.00, for a 40 lb bag, that I had to special order from a local mom and pop pet supply place, but I just found it for about $5.00 cheaper at another local store. Here is the brand.

I use the stuff in the blue bag, the ultra. We love it, and it has made a huge difference in the amount of dust in our house.

Hope this helps someone.



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    That's very thoughtful of you to research this to save other people from breathing the litter dust. Now I just wish I had a cat to try it on!
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    That's very thoughtful of you to research this to save other people from breathing the litter dust. Now I just wish I had a cat to try it on!

    I'll send one on the next Greyhound bus...
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    Precious Cat Litter

    RE: Precious Cat Litter   I've had two or more cats all my life, for decades. I recently took in two previously feral rescue cats. When I took the second one into my home, the first (although a girl) began to void outside the box and in inappropriate places. I switched to Dr Elsey's Cat Attract litter (with an herbal cat attractant in it) on the advice of my sister, a longterm cat rescuer, and the voiding problem ceased immediately. After about half a year of using the expensive Dr Elsey's Cat Attract litter, I decided she was behaving well enough to switch to the cheaper, Dr Elsey's Precious Cat clumping litter, but bought the Cat Attract additive also, just in case she relapsed. After a few months of using Dr Elsey's Precious Cat clumping litter I noticed that my second cat had begun doing the infamous cat hurling but never brought anything up. He made the hoarse noise, putting his throat on the floor and violently tried to throw up (or so I thought). I bought him hairball cat food/ointment and tried that for a while, but the hurling motions persisted, so I made a vet appointment. While waiting for the appointment, I saw a news special on the dog flu that has exploded in the northwest US and, upon seeing and hearing the dogs cough, I realized my cat was actually coughing, not trying to throw up. I listened to his chest, as I have asthma, and realized he was wheezing too, so I moved up the vet appointment immediately. The vet said yes, he was violently coughing and was wheezing too. She took a chest xray, and said he had visual bronchial inflammation too. I related the start of the cough to the start of using the Precious Cat clumping litter, as it is DUSTY, and my vet agreed. It's been a VERY expensive illness to treat. I looked up multiple vet and vet university sites online and they all agreed- cat litter dust is listed in the top three airway irritants for cats and that clumping litter is the worst kind. I have two enclosed litter boxes and I can see a definite buildup of dust when the interiors are cleaned every week. My fiance actually wears a mask when cleaning them. Although I've used clumping litter for many years and with many cats, I've never had any airway problems with any of my cats (nor myself) until I used this Dr Elsey's Precious Cat clumping litter. When I contacted the company, they blamed me for exposing my cat to the litter when he was already ill, but I told them he'd never once showed any kind of asthma symptoms before I switched the litters. They repeatedly told me I shouldn't have exposed him to the litter, despite my insisting he had no asthma previous to their litter use. I was very hurt and disgusted they'd accuse me of abusing my cat in such a manner. I would never recommend this litter to anyone and, despite them offering a refund, I even more so would never want anyone to be exposed to their excuse for customer service. In all cats' best interest, I'd advise NOT to use Dr Elsey's Precious Cat litter, due to my cat's development of asthma with its use. I'd also like to note that, since I stopped using Dr Elsey's Precious Cat litter, my cat has had no coughing episodes whatsoever and no signs of asthma either, so that definitely was the airway irritant.

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    I recommend trying


    I recommend trying Cat's Pride Fresh & Light.  It is unscented and hyopallergenic so it is great for people who are sensitive to dust.  We've used it on our cat that has a sensitive nose and he loves it.


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    Kitty stuff

    Kitties in our house and barn, too. I found an awesome website -- cat -- when our one boy kitty started having bladder problems. Changed the style of box to "very large" and using the unscented litter from Petco in refillable containers (30 lbs $10) with good results. As long as it's cleaned daily no odor at all and minimal dust. I sometimes use the Precious brand but it doesn't hold up as well  

    Since my cancer dx and treatment I wear a mask and gloves when cleaning th litter box but try to delegate the task when I can. 

    Patti in Arizona

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    My experience

    thank you so much for taking the time to research this. I have a very sweet cat who was recently diagnosed with "possible cancer". That's because it is not definitive due to the odd test results. And it's not for lack of trying. I took her from Baltimore to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital's Comprehensive Cancer Care Center to be evaluated by a team of experts. After undergoing general anesthesia for a CAT scan and a needle aspiration for cytology, they have still come up with a "possible". She has a mass taking up her lower left lobe of her lung, and other unusual results, but they can't determine if it's truly cancer which they suspect, or something caused by a mucus plug and scarring and infection or bronchitis or asthma or so many other things. These are the top vets in their field! And now, looking into this and feeling helpless, I can't help but believe that this, whatever it is, was caused by the Tidy Cat lightweight cat litter. I'm reading horrific reports of similar issues in so many cats I almost can't believe it. I would never have used something dangerous for my girl! I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a fish and a hamster, and I provide them with the very best care. And now I feel so guilty that I may have caused all of this. Strangely, not one vet has mentioned litter. Yet the results of all the tests indicate so many odd things going on with her respiratory system. I wish I could screenshot the report and post it. After reading your post, I am definitely calling my vet and the vet heading up her team at Penn Vet tomorrow, to bring up the litter question. My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease last year and now a month ago this "most likely cancer" diagnosis, recommending removal of the lung. I will not put her through that at 14 1/2 years old. The recovery is horrible. She is thank God still acting happy but is maintained carefully with 10 medications given multiple times a day and daily subcutaneous fluids. Unbelievable. A perfectly healthy, beautiful cat, now dealing with 2 illnesses. I will not let her suffer, but I will keep treating her as long as she is living a comfortable life full of love. And I definitely will make sure that as many people as possible are warned about the dangers of these cat litters.