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Just venting a little

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Hello, my husband has rectal cancer stage 3, he's had radiation/chemo awaiting surgery in a few weeks. The dr finally talked him into giving up his tobacco (dip). Today is his first full day without. So I know he's going through withdrawal and very moody. He just told he wishes he could go to sleep and not wake up, tired of having cancer. Says he is no good to me the way he is. He can't work and we don't have insurance so things are tight. But I believe that things will just have to work out with financial stuff, I think he's worth the trouble.
I just feel helpless sometimes, can't fix everything. I know in a few days he'll be better, but he can be a bear when he's going through withdrawal. Maybe a glass of wine will help me.

thanks for letting me vent

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You're welcome. You have to return the favor though -)


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anytime, I'm a good listener.

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So sorry for all you are going through. Where ever you can draw strength from do it! Cancer is that terrible word that sucks the life from everyone connected with it. These boards are just a great source of support!

My prayers are with you!

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your hubby sounds ALOT like mine did at times. And I would coddle him for a while, then I would light into him like nobody's business. And it's way cool to vent - you will always have my sympathetic ear :)


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Tina Blondek
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Hello Diane and welcome to you and your husband. Your husband sounds very familiar to my dad. My husband also chewed tobacco. He has recently quit (again). He has found a non tobacco chew that comes in mint and spearmint flavors. Gives them that feeling of having it in their mouth without the tobacco. He has to buy it through the mail. I am not sure of the company's name, but I will find out for you. Hang in there fellow caregiver, you will have many ups and downs. You must remain strong. I am sure that glass of wine will help ease your nerves. Stay in touch. Lean on us anytime, any day!
Tina in Va

mr steve
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Being a reformed dipper...have your hubbie try nicorette gum if he dipped alot the 4 mg for heavey smokers. You get much more nicotine with dip than with smoking. I took a stop smoking class and they had me on (for a short time) both the patches and gum until the urges were undercontrol then switched to just the gum. dip free for 5 years now and still miss it.


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Thanks Steve I'll suggest it. He's 54 and he's been dipping since he was 15 or 16, this so hard for him. He'll make it though, he's just an old grouch right now.

Thanks everyone, I knew ya'll would understand.

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